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LuCI 主题

To change themes navigate the OpenWrt web interface SystemSystemLanguage and Style
Use the → Design dropdown to select installed luci themes.

If you wish to create your own themes for LuCI - HowTo: Create Themes

BootStrap Theme Pictures

BootStrap is the Default theme for OpenWrt.

OpenWrt2020 Theme Pictures

luci-theme-bootstrapgit-22.288.45155-afd0012Bootstrap Theme (default)\\ \\16kB15kBApache-2.0Bug reportsSourcesView data
luci-theme-bootstrapgit-20.029.49294-41e2..8-1Bootstrap Theme (default)\\ \\11kB11kBApache-2.0Bug reportsSourcesView data
luci-theme-bootstrapgit-21.252.54297-fc2f..d-1Bootstrap Theme (default)\\ \\13kB12kBApache-2.0Bug reportsSourcesView data
luci-theme-freifunk-genericgit-20.029.49294-41e2..8-1Freifunk Generic Theme\\ \\15kB14kBBug reportsSourcesView data
luci-theme-materialgit-21.295.66888-fc702bcMaterial Theme\\ \\23kB22kBBug reportsSourcesView data
luci-theme-materialgit-21.252.54297-fc2f..d-1Material Theme\\ \\54kB53kBBug reportsSourcesView data
luci-theme-materialgit-20.029.49294-41e2..8-1Material Theme\\ \\49kB49kBBug reportsSourcesView data
luci-theme-openwrtgit-21.285.75929-137ede6LuCI theme\\ \\10kB9kBBug reportsSourcesView data
luci-theme-openwrtgit-20.029.49294-41e2..8-1LuCI theme\\ \\10kB9kBBug reportsSourcesView data
luci-theme-openwrtgit-21.252.54297-fc2f..d-1LuCI theme\\ \\10kB9kBBug reportsSourcesView data
luci-theme-openwrt-2020git-21.295.66961-f9e9fcfLuCI modern OpenWrt theme\\ \\40kB40kBBug reportsSourcesView data
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