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通过FTP安装Openwrt (通用)

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This section describes actions that might damage your device or firmware. Proceed with care!

使用Texas Instruments硬件的设备就是一个例子,她的bootloader ADAM2/EVA-bootloader 包含了一个FTP服务器。所涉及的硬件是 AVM FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7570. 但是Openwrt并不支持此方式,并在此后也不打算支持。


  1. 配置电脑的IP地址为192.168.178.0/24段的任意IP,但是请勿占用192.168.178.1。 e,g: 您可以配置192.168.178.2
  2. 在电脑上安装FTP客户端
  3. 将你想上传到路由器的文件放到特定的文件夹 例如:/镜像
  4. 将你路由器的LAN口连接到电脑
  5. 重启路由器等待三秒后输入:
    ftp -n

    (read ftp for the meaning of the -n.

  6. 连接到Bootloader后,请输入用户名和密码,默认的用户名为adam2,默认的密码也为adam2。根据提示输入这些信息,然后发出以下命令:
    quote MEDIA FLSH
    put empty.file mtd3
    put empty.file mtd4
    put kernel.image mtd1

    (在 AVM FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7170 设备上最后的reboot命令需替换为quote REBOOT.)


quote SETENV firmware_version "hansenet"

Note0: In case of the AVM/Fritz! with EVA-bootloader, at least on the 7360, do not change the environment-variable firmware-version. Doing so makes the ethernet interface fail (only access is via the console), some of the AVM-daemons crash and after 160 seconds the hardware watchdog kicks in, causing the box to reboot over and over. At least on the international version of the 7360, the correct value is

Eva_AVM >setenv firmware_version avme
Eva_AVM >restart

Note1: In case of the EVA-bootloader, do not issue any other commands. This bootloader is broken by design, if you issue some harmless command like say quote GETENV firmware_version, the upload process will not function any longer afterwards. You would need to disconnect from it, and connect again, and then try again. Such quirks are not very common, and thus a major PITA if you do not know about them. When using unmaintained and sloppily programed closed source software, like EVA, you really should expect anything ;-)

Note2: the files empty.file and kernel.image are the ones located in ~/images. In order for the FTP client to find them, you need to change into that directory either before starting the FTP client or after that by issuing lcd ~/image into the ftp-client.

Note3: should you decide to use ncftp instead of ftp, you need to connect with ncftp -u adam2 That is why, you should read the manpage for the software you are employing!

Note4: You can use a python flash script from “Freifunk Darmstadt” - a german non-commercial initiative for free wireless networks - to flash AVM devices. flashing instruction direct download python script


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