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Using GIT

Git is the recommended way as it makes it quite easy to create and send working patch emails, but you are not required to use it.

b) Can I submit a patch against HEAD on a branch (e.g. 14.07) or only
against trunk?

Patches should be against trunk and will be backported to affected branches if needed. If the issue only affects the branch, then a patch against the branch is fine. This is to ensure that fixes can't get “lost” in a branch.

c) Which commands of the many possible git permutations should I use the
generate the patch ?

git format-patch is what I use.

My workflow is basically (for a single patch)

a) edit stuff
b) ensure it compiles
c) git add <modified/new files>
d) git commit -s
e) <add proper subject in first line, empty line, commit message>
f) git show -1 (to review the patch)
g) git format-patch -1
h) scripts/ 0001-*
i) git send-email --to=... --cc=... 0001-*

for patch series, do a to f accordingly, then git format-patch -<x>, where x = number of patches, or <rev> (maybe also a –cover-letter), then send the patch series.

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