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Unsupported: WiFi 2.4GHz

Pages in the unsupported: namespace are intended to deliver general information about an “unsupported” status. They should help users to better understand the reasons and the consequences of this “unsupported”.

Since these pages can be reached via a dataentries of very different devices, the descriptions should be of general nature, or cover all the different devices affected by this “unsupported”. They shall not describe any device specifics.

  1. What does it mean, “WiFi 2.4GHz unsupported”?
    • This means that the 2.4GHz WiFi will not work at all.
  2. What is the reason for the unsupported status?
    • no Open Source driver available for BCM63xx
    • …list other reasons/SoCs…
  3. What consequences does this have in regards to your expectations?
    • Expectation: Fully working 2.4GHz WiFi at UHS™1)
    • Reality: You can not use 2.4GHz WiFi at all.
  4. Will this status change over time? If yes, in what timeframe?
    • No, hell freezes before that happens. | Yes, working on it, please wait 32 seconds. | Dunno, but I could make a wild guess if it's urgent. | ask the forum | …
  5. What can you do now?
    • Easy / Short term: Get a device with different wifi chip / SoC which is fully supported by OpenWrt
    • Hard / Long term: Get on the nerves of the wifi chip / SoC manufacturer…
  6. Where can you find more information about current support status?

Devices with WiFi 2.4GHz unsupported status

BrandModelVersionSupported current relUnsupported FunctionsWLAN driverDevice PageForum searchGit searchDevice Techdata
Arcadyan / AstoriaARV7519RW22 Livebox 2.4GHzunknownarv7519View/Edit data
AsusRT-N10PA118.06.5WiFi 2.4GHzb43rt-n10pView/Edit data
AsusRT-N15U18.06.5WiFi 2.4GHzb43rt-n15uView/Edit data
AsusRT-N5318.06.5WiFi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5GHzb43rt-n53View/Edit data
AsusRT-AC53U18.06.5WiFi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5GHzb43View/Edit data
AsusRT-N10Pv218.06.5WiFi 2.4GHzb43View/Edit data
AsusRT-N10UB18.06.5WiFi 2.4GHzb43rt-n10uView/Edit data
AsusRT-N12C118.06.5WiFi 2.4GHzb43View/Edit data
AsusRT-N12HP18.06.5WiFi 2.4GHzb43View/Edit data
AsusRT-N14UHP18.06.5WiFi 2.4GHzb43View/Edit data
AsusRT-N12B118.06.5WiFi 2.4GHzb43rt-n12b1View/Edit data
AsusRT-N12D118.06.5WiFi 2.4GHzb43rt-n12d1View/Edit data
AsusRT-N10U18.06.5WiFi 2.4GHzb43rt-n10uView/Edit data
AsusRT-N10A118.06.5WiFi 2.4GHzb43View/Edit data
AsusRT-N10+D110.03.1WiFi 2.4GHzb43rt-n10plus.d1View/Edit data
CiscoValet M10v2.017.01.5WiFi 2.4GHzb43m10View/Edit data
ELECOMWRC-1167GHBK2-S18.06.5WiFi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5GHzunknownView/Edit data
ELECOMWRC-2533GSTsnapshotWiFi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5GHzunknownView/Edit data
ELECOMWRC-1900GSTsnapshotWiFi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5GHzunknownView/Edit data
FriendlyElecNanoPi NEO Plus218.06.5WiFi 2.4GHz, WIPunknownfriendlyelec_nanopi_neo_plus2View/Edit data
JCGJHR-N805R18.06.5WiFi 2.4GHzunknownjhr-n805rView/Edit data
LinksysE1200v118.06.5WiFi 2.4GHzb43View/Edit data
LinksysE1500v118.06.5WiFi 2.4GHzb43View/Edit data
LinksysE1550v118.06.5WiFi 2.4GHzb43View/Edit data
LinksysE2500v218.06.5WiFi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5GHzb43View/Edit data
LinksysE2500v318.06.5WiFi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5GHzb43View/Edit data
LinksysE1200v218.06.5WiFi 2.4GHzb43linksys_e1200_2View/Edit data
LinksysE2500v118.06.5WiFi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5GHzb43linksys_e2500_v1View/Edit data
LinksysE1000v2.0, v2.118.06.5WiFi 2.4GHzb43e1000View/Edit data
LinksysE32001.018.06.5WiFi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5GHzb43e3200View/Edit data
LinksysE900v1.018.06.5WiFi 2.4GHzb43e900View/Edit data
NetgearWNDR3400v218.06.5WiFi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5GHzb43wndr3400View/Edit data
NetgearWNDR3400v318.06.5WiFi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5GHz, USBb43wndr3400View/Edit data
NetgearWNR3500Lv2¿WiFi 2.4GHz, NAND flashb43wnr3500lView/Edit data
NetgearWNR1000v318.06.5WiFi 2.4GHzb43wnr1000_v3View/Edit data
NetgearWN3000RPv118.06.5WiFi 2.4GHzb43View/Edit data
SagemF@ST2504nv.618.06.5DSL modem, WiFi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5GHzb43sagem_fast2504n_v.6View/Edit data
SagemF@ST2704V218.06.5DSL modem, WiFi 2.4GHzb43, brcmsmacfast2704View/Edit data
SinovoipBanana Pi M2 UltraBPI-M2UsnapshotWiFi 2.4GHz, eMMCbrcmfmacView/Edit data
SkySR102snapshotDSL modem, WiFi 2.4GHzunknownsr102View/Edit data
SolidRunCuBox i4ProsnapshotWiFi 2.4GHz, BluetoothunknownView/Edit data
SolidRunCuBox i4x4snapshotWiFi 2.4GHz, BluetoothunknownView/Edit data
TP-LinkVR200v18.06.5DECT, Wifi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5GHzunknownvr200vView/Edit data
XunlongOrange Pi R118.06.5WiFi 2.4GHzotherView/Edit data
XunlongOrange Pi Zero Plus18.06.5WiFi 2.4GHzotherView/Edit data
XunlongOrange Pi PC PlussnapshotWiFi 2.4GHzotherView/Edit data
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