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Table of Hardware: Firmware downloads

This table shows firmware download urls for all devices listed in the Table of Hardware.

Using the Table of Hardware

  • Sort the columns by clicking the column header
  • Enter your filter criteria in the white fields
    You can filter for partial matches, e.g.
    • D-Li, D-Lin, D-Link, Net, Netg, …
    • DIR-6, TL-WR, 3700, 43, 430, 4300, …

Other Resources

Devices with ≤4MB flash and/or ≤32MB ram suffer from limitations in usability, extensibility and stability of operation. Consider this when choosing a device to buy, or when deciding to flash OpenWrt on your device because it is listed as supported. See 432_warning for details.

Scrolling through the table: Click anywhere in the table, then use your cursor keys to scroll left/right, up/down.

Filter: Supported Current Rel

Filtered by supported current rel=17.01.4

# BrandModelVersionSupported Current RelUnsupported FunctionsCPUTargetSubtargetFirmware OpenWrt Install URLFirmware OpenWrt Upgrade URLFirmware OpenWrt snapshot Install URLFirmware OpenWrt snapshot Upgrade URLDevice Techdata
1ADI EngineeringPronghorn SBC25017.01.4Intel IXP425ixp4xxgeneric, data
2AVMFRITZ!Box 733017.01.4DECTLantiq PSB50812lantiqxway data
3AsiaRFAWM00317.01.4Ralink RT5350Framipsrt305x data
4AtlantisA02-RB-W300Nv1.017.01.4AR9130ar71xxgeneric data
5CompexMMC543AHV6E0317.01.4Atheros AR7161ar71xxgeneric data
6CompexMMC543HV6E0317.01.4Atheros AR7130ar71xxgeneric data
7CompexWP5436E0317.01.4Atheros AR7130ar71xxgeneric data
8CompexWP543AHV6E0317.01.4Atheros AR7161ar71xxgeneric data
9CompexWPE727A0717.01.4Atheros AR7240ar71xxgeneric data
10CompexWPE72NX7A0717.01.4Atheros AR7240ar71xxgeneric data
11D-LinkDIR-615C1, C217.01.4Atheros AR9130ar71xxgeneric data
12DigineoAC1200 Pro17.01.4MediaTek MT7621ATramipsmt7621 data
13Evaluation boards / unbranded boardsMarvell DB-A380-DDR3-AP17.01.4Marvell Armada 38xmvebugeneric data
14Evaluation boards / unbranded boardsMarvell RD-MV784MP-GP17.01.4Marvell Armada XP MV78460mvebugeneric data
15GateworksVentana GW520017.01.4¿Freescale i.MX 6imx6genericView/Edit data
16GateworksVentana GW522017.01.4¿Freescale i.MX 6imx6genericView/Edit data
17GateworksVentana GW530017.01.4Freescale i.MX 6imx6genericView/Edit data
18GateworksVentana GW531017.01.4Freescale i.MX 6imx6genericView/Edit data
19GateworksVentana GW540017.01.4Freescale i.MX 6imx6genericView/Edit data
20GateworksVentana GW541017.01.4Freescale i.MX 6imx6genericView/Edit data
21GateworksVentana GW551017.01.4Freescale i.MX 6imx6genericView/Edit data
22GateworksVentana GW552017.01.4Freescale i.MX 6imx6genericView/Edit data
23MQMakerWiTi Boardv2.0 / 256MB17.01.46th Gbit Ethernet IP1001 on rgmii2 is not working yetMediaTek MT7621Aramipsmt7621 data
24PC EnginesAPU1C17.01.4AMD T40Ex8664 data
25PC EnginesAPU1C417.01.4AMD T40Ex8664 data
26PC EnginesAPU3C417.01.4AMD GX-412TCx8664 data
27PC EnginesAPU3C217.01.4AMD GX-412TCx8664 data
28PC EnginesAPU3A217.01.4AMD GX-412TCx8664 data
29PC EnginesAPU2C417.01.4AMD GX-412TCx8664 data
30PC EnginesAPU2C217.01.4AMD GX-412TCx8664 data
31PC EnginesAPU2C017.01.4AMD GX-412TCx8664 data
32PC EnginesAPU1D17.01.4AMD T40Ex8664 data
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