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T-Com Sinus 154 Komfort

Status: untested

Identical hardware as SMC SMC2804WBRP-G. (SMC firmware can be used on a T-Com branded device)

For more information visit:



Instruction set: MIPS Little Endian
Vendor: Infineon
bootloader: brnboot
System-On-Chip: ADM5120
CPU @Frq MIPS 4Kc V0.11 @175MHz
Flash size: 2 MiB
Flash Chip: :?:
RAM size: 8 MiB
RAM Chip: :?: SDR-133
Wireless: ISL3880IK Intersil Corporation IEEE 802.11b/g(PCI interface)
Antenna: 2x external
switch: ADM5120 integrated (fast-ethernet, VLAN)
USB: Yes, 1.1
Power Adapter: 9V DC 1000 mA / SNG 2-acc SNG2acc
Serial: Yes


There is space on PCB for a DB9 connector and a level converter (MAX3241 in a SO/SSOP/TSSOP package matches the pinout). With sufficent soldering skills adding required components shouldn't be a problem. A USB-to-serial (TTL, 3,3V) converter can also be used:
GND is at pin 5 of DB9 connector,
Txd is at pin 14 of U10,
Rxd is at pin 19 of U10.
Please note the little spot and triangle marking U10's first pin - the IC is upside down in relation to CPU.
Serial port is working at 115200, no parity.


OEM bootlog


 W-LAN Router BRN Loader V1.3 build Dec 25 2003 11:50:34

                 Broad Net Technology, INC.


manu_id=6000 chip_id=401A

AMD Am29LV160DB bottom boot 16-bit mode found

Copying boot params.....DONE

Press any key to enter command mode ...

Flash Checking  Passed.

Unzipping program from bank 2...done

Try to find image for running...

Unzipping program from bank 3...doneABCDEFGHIJDRAM
[GPIO FLOW] SetGpio() Begin ..

Set GPIO 3 Low

GPIO_conf0_REG(before) = 0x000810f7

reg = 0x000810f7

GPIO_conf0_REG(after) = 0x000810f7

[GPIO FLOW] SetGpio() End.

##### _ftext      = 0x80001000

##### _fdata      = 0x80159470

##### __bss_start = 0x801832BC

##### end        = 0x8068454C

##### Backup Data from 0x80159470 to 0x806B454C





### MEM base 0x11400000

PCI devid 0x00001000    MEM base 0x11400000

### MEM base 0x11402000

slot2 venid 0x38901260

slot3 venid 0xFFFFFFFF

slot4 venid 0xFFFFFFFF

[INIT] MTinitialize ..

Runtime code version: v2.03

System startup...

[INIT] MTmeminit ..

[INIT] check COLOR 0 ..

soho initialize COLOR1 : 300000

manu_id=6000 chip_id=401A

Am29LV160MB bottom boot 16-bit mode found

Set flash memory layout to Boot Parameters found !!!

Bootcode version: V1.3

Serial number: A344058235

Hardware version: 01

sizeof(struct III_Config_t) is 61100

manu_id=6000 chip_id=401A

Am29LV160MB bottom boot 16-bit mode found

default route:




NUM_OF_B0=0 NUM_OF_B1=450



*BUF0=0x80459400 *BUF1=0x803014d0

Altgn *BUF0=0xa0459400 *BUF1=0xa03014d0

End at BUF0:0xa0459400, BUF1:0xa040e3f0

BUF0[0]=0xa0459400 BUF1[0]=0xa03014d0

buffer0 pointer init OK!

buffer1 pointer init OK!

time = 01/01/2003, 00:00:00

Interface 0 ip =

ssmac_init begin ..

+Pafter my_if5120_init ..

if_adm51201: Ethernet address : 00 30 f1 a8 f9 94

time = 01/01/2003, 00:00:00

ssmac_ioctl begin

Interface 1 ip =

ssmac_ioctl begin

if_adm51202: Ethernet address : 00 30 f1 a8 f9 95

time = 01/01/2003, 00:00:00

iput_IpLinkUp(ifno=2)> ifp->add_default_route:1

Re-Init NAT data structure

Init NAT data structure

Interface 2 ip =

[PCI IS FLOW] hwlanPCI_init() Begin ..

devtag=00001000 probe=80067d7c

[PCI 11G] islpci_probe : verdor id 38901260H 

[PCI 11G] islpci_probe : device id FFFFFFFFH 

[PCI 11G] islpci_probe : revision 2800001H 

[PCI 11G] islpci_probe : Master Timer 0000H FFFFFFFFH

io 11400000 irq 00000001 dev_id 00003890 

ISL3890 PCI Memory remapped to 0xB1400000 

Device memory block at 0x40e800 

Driver memory block at 0xA040E800 

Memory size 0x400 bytes

LMAC descriptor highlights

modes: 0003

buffer_start: 00020200

buffer_end:   00027c90

Firmware write complete len = 7530


isl38xx_upload_firmware() return ...

### enable PCI interrupt

[HWLAN 11G] ifno=4 Card=0 : hwlan_init()

[PCI 11G] hwlanPCI_init() set ifp flag .. 

time = 01/01/2003, 00:00:00

[HWLAN INIT] hwlan_ioctl() start.. 

Interface 4 ip =

[HWLAN INIT] hwlan_ioctl() start.. 

ruleCheck()> Group: 0,  Error: Useless rule index will be truncated

ruleCheck()> Group: 1,  Error: Useless rule index will be truncated

ruleCheck()> Group: 2,  Error: Useless rule index will be truncated

CBAC rule format check succeed !!

reqCBACBuf()> init match pool, Have: 1000

Memory Address: 0xIRQ: ID 0xB1400000 0x4 

IRQ: Init flag, device initialized 


[rt_os_dma_malloc] dma_virt_ptr_base=a04ed710, end=a050d710

(c)opyright 2003 Intersil

sm_descr->header=288, sm_descr->trailer=12


Interrupt enable reg=0x1e

Control block base reg=0x40e800

Direct memory base reg=0x27000

Control/status reg=0x20004400

### disable PCI interrupt

set isl_int_mode_flag=0!!!

806333ec ~ 0x8063a168

reqCBACBuf()> init timeGap pool, Have: 10000

Memory Address: 0x8063a168 ~ 0x8066aebc

reqCBACBuf()> init sameHost pool, Have: 2000

Memory Address: 0x8066aebc ~ 0x8067a8dc

CBAC rule pool initialized !!

ssmac_ioctl begin

Init NAT data structure

RUNTASK id=1 if_task if0...

RUNTASK id=2 if_task if1...

RUNTASK id=3 if_task if2...

RUNTASK id=4 if_task if4...

RUNTASK id=5 timer_task...

RUNTASK id=6 conn_mgr...

RUNTASK id=7 main_8021x...

RUNTASK id=8 UsbSysInitTask ...

RUNTASK id=9 period_task...

RUNTASK id=10 dhcp_daemon...

RUNTASK id=11 dhcp_clt...on interface 2

RUNTASK id=12 pptp_callmgr...

RUNTASK id=13 L2tpd...

httpd: listen at


RUNTASK httpd...

RUNTASK id=16 dnsproxy...

RUNTASK id=17 padmin_task_entry...

RUNTASK id=18 dhcpd_mgmt_task...

UPnP is disabled

Starting Multitask...

Set GPIO 3 Low

GPIO_conf0_REG(before) = 0x004810b7

reg = 0x004810b7

GPIO_conf0_REG(after) = 0x004810b7

MTstart2() begin  ...

[USB] No Device !! 

padmin_task_entry() task running


ptp Daemon task running

lpd Daemon task running

[USB ROOTHUB_LOOP] RUNTASK id=22 lpd_main ...

[USB] lpd_init() End.

printer schedule task running

[HWLAN FLOW] islpci_mgt_initialize() start ..

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< numWLANinTable clear to ZERO 

wireless dev_id=0x3890

[HWLAN INFO] gSetting.ssid = SMC

[HWLAN 11G] country: 

[HWLAN 11G] channel: 6

[HWLAN 11G] bsstype: 1 

[HWLAN 11G] wep: 0 

[HWLAN 11G] authen: 3 

[HWLAN 11G] filter: 0 

[HWLAN 11G] mode: 143 

[HWLAN 11G] ssid: 3 SMC 

[HWLAN 11G] wireless version:

[islpci_setNitroXm] set NitroXm to 0x9

[USB] Total External Device = 0 


Connector J1 is probably JTAG


T-Com Sinus 154 Komfort

Opening the case

Note: This will void your warranty!

  • To remove the cover do a/b/c


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