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Sphairon JDR454WB

This is an AR7-based router with 4 switchports.

  Flash: MX 29LV320ABTC-90 (4Mbytes)
  Memory: ISSI IS42S16800A-7T (16Mbytes)
  Switch: Marvell 88E6060-RCJ
  Other: One big 2200uf cap

Serial pinout

Console is available using: 115200 8n1

2200uf cap

  o GND
  o Tx
  o VCC
  o RX
  o NC
  o NC

Bottom of the PCB


This device is actually a clone of the Netgear DG834G device. It thus requires the same hacks as for the DG firmware, it needs a complete existing rootfs and bootloader to be flashed properly.

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