Hacking the Dockstar

Hacking the Seagate Dockstar is so easy, it cannot even be considered hacking. Here you go:

The outstanding thing here is not the “hack” itself but the replacement of the bootloader! The new bootloader can boot from a variety of locations, including attached USB drives! So, how did Jeff manage to create the replacement bootloader?

After “hacking” and replacing the bootloader, you can install Debian very conveniently with the help of debootstrap.
The installation of OpenWrt is a little bit less convenient, but can be managed:

  • you need to create a own image (see: downloads.generate for help) and use the ext2 filesystem. 'dd' this onto the harddisc.
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  • Last modified: 2018/03/04 10:05
  • by bobafetthotmail