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 +==== Firmware backup ====
 +<WRAP center round important 80%>
 +Since there is **no original firmware publicily available**,​ it's recommendable to make a backup before installing openwrt. You only need to do this if you plan to back to the original firmware later.
 +Follow these steps to make a backup of the original firmware (before installing openwrt). Note you may need a Linux based OS installed at your computer to run some commands like **dd**.
 +  - Download the openwrt RAM firmware version [[https://​​uc?​export=download&​id=18kyqasfHK8XYlU-pz58bbjfud3Epl201|VH4032N-initramfs.elf]],​ it will be fully loaded in the RAM without writing in the flash chip and therefore it allows to backup the original firmware ​
 +  - Install a TFTP server in your computer, and check it works ok. Copy //​VH4032N-initramfs.elf//​ file into the TFTP's server directory.
 +  - Plug the ethernet cable from your computer to the ethernet switch at the router. Your computer must have a compatible IP with CFE, for example use ****
 +  - Connect the [[#​Serial|serial port]] at the router to your computer (UART 3.3V ttl adapter required), and a run console software utility(putty,​ Cutecom or Hyperterminal) to comunicate with CFE. 
 +  - Plug the router'​s power source and look at the serial console, press any key to break into CFE. Now it's time to run the ram firmware, execute this command into the CFE command line <​code>​r​VH4032N-initramfs.elf</​code>​and wait few second until openwrt loads. ​
 +  * In your computer execute <​code>​nc -l -p 5600|dd of=OEM-firmware_backup.bin</​code>​ (nc = netcat)
 +  * In the router execute <​code>​cat /​proc/​mtd</​code>​We are interested in the linux partition. Execute: <​code>​dd if=/​dev/​mtd4|nc 5600</​code>​
 +(You could also to transfer the firmware to a pendrive instead using netcat.)
 +Done, the firmware should be transfered to your computer: **OEM-firmware_backup.bin**
 +You can also make the backup using [[https://​​Noltari/​cfetool|cfetool]]
 ==== Installation via CFE web (http) server ==== ==== Installation via CFE web (http) server ====
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