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Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 1320(n)

To be more specific, what is described here, is the printer's mainboard, often called “formatter board”. At least two different models are available:

  • CB355: with USB & parallel port
  • CB356: with USB & RJ-45

Model CB356

In the CB356 two systems are integrated on one board. The primary system is the main printer driver, accessible via USB, responsive to the reset switch and controlling all printer parts via dedicated (flat) cable sockets. The secondary system is independent of the primary and only provides network functionalities, including a print server. The systems interact only via an exposed interface, which looks like an unsoldered IDE connection, it's not IDE though, rather for modularity or testpoints for the interaction. May even be a parallel port, which is receiving input directly from the secondary system. The latter idea is rather probable, since this allows using the same primary system for both, CB355 and CB356.

Serial console 2x both systems have it
JTAG 2x both systems have it, system 1: P1+P2, system 2: P3

Primary system: Printer driver

SoC 1 Motorola/Freescale ColdFire 4: 133 MHz MIPS 1825-0104 SC414445VM DD11448; main printer driver: online resources
ROM (firmware) 4 MB MASK ROM Macronix MX23L3213TC-90G, CB355-60203: datasheet
RAM 16 MB SDRAM 48LC8M16A2: datasheet
RAM expansion slot max. 128 MB 100-pin DIMM with SDRAM required, e.g. 64ms refresh, 100MHz operating frequency
EEPROM 64k 24LC641: I²C-driven, datasheet
LEDs LED blink driver Philips PCA9551, I²C-driven
other octal latch Philips LVC573A: datasheet
USB yes 1x host
Parallel port yes(?) 1x onboard, functions as hardconnected I/O port to the secondary system and secondary system's serial console

Secondary system: Print server

SoC 2 ARM? Philips ARM VY22566-3 1825-0084
LAN 10/100 Broadcom BCM5231A4KPTG-P14
Flash (firmware) 4 MB Spansion AM29LV320DB-90ED: datasheet
RAM 8 MB SDRAM Samsung K4S641632H-UC75: datasheet
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