D-Link DSL-504T rev. A

D-Link DSL-504T ADSL Router D-Link product page

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Version/Model S/N OpenWrt Version Supported Model Specific Notes
(EU) - 8.09+ IP175A switch

There might be Annex B (ADSL over ISDN) versions around, please add them to this table if you're able to find them. They should work, though.

CPU Ram Flash Network USB Serial JTag
TI AR7@150MHz 16MB 4MB 4 x 1 + ADSL No Yes Yes

The same board is probably used for the wireless-enabled DSL-G604T.

NOTE: AR7 modems have a reputation of running HOT and the 504T is no exception, so if you're planning to run it for any lenght of time, attaching an heatsink to the CPU might be a good idea.

Architecture MIPS (little endian)
Vendor D-Link
Bootloader ADAM2
System-On-Chip TI AR7
CPU Speed 150 MHz
Flash Size 4 MiB
RAM Size 16 MiB
Wireless (none)
Ethernet IP175A
Serial Yes, 3.3V
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