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This is one of the older Fritz! boxes that uses the Texas Instruments AR7 SoC.

This device is not officially supported as of July 2012!

Some work on the AR7 Platform is already done:

Hardware Highlights

CPU Ram Flash Network USB Serial JTag
Texas Instruments AR7 16MiB ? MiB 2 Yes ? ?


Flash Layout

Please check out the article flash.layout. It contains an example and a couple of explanations.

Upgrading OpenWrt


If you have already installed OpenWrt and like to reflash for e.g. upgrading to a new OpenWrt version you can upgrade using the mtd command line tool. It is important that you put the firmware image into the ramdisk (/tmp) before you start flashing.

LuCI Web Upgrade Process

  • Browse to LuCI Upgrade URL
  • Upload image file for sysupgrade to LuCI
  • Wait for reboot

Terminal Upgrade Process

  • Login as root via SSH on
  • Use the following commands to upgrade.
cd /tmp/
sysupgrade /tmp/
  • If sysupgrade does not support this router, use the following commands.
cd /tmp/
mtd write /tmp/ linux && reboot

Basic configuration

Basic configuration After flashing, proceed with this.
Set up your Internet connection, configure wireless, configure USB port, etc.

Failsafe mode


The Fritz!Box WLAN 3050 has no buttons.



Architecture MIPS32
Vendor Texas Instruments
bootloader ?
System-On-Chip Texas Instruments AR7 (TNETD7300)
Flash-Chip ?
Flash size ?
RAM 16 MiB
Wireless Texas Instruments TNETW1130 2.4ghz 802.11b/g
Ethernet ?
Internet ADSL
USB Yes 1 x
Serial ?

Opening the case

Note: This will void your warranty!

To remove the cover use a flat screw driver and turn the Fritz!Box upside down. You will see four square holes on the border of the bottom panel. Now put the screw driver gently in one of these holes and move its top from left to the right when you startet with one of the holes on the left side. If you started with one of the holes on the right side you have to move the top of your screw driver from right to left in that hole.


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