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Atlantis Land A02-RA141-W54 - WebShare 141 W

The Atlantis Land A02-RA141-W54 WebShare 141 W is an ADSL2+ router with wireless acccess point.

Supported Versions

Version/Model Launch Date S/N OpenWrt Version Supported Model Specific Notes
v1 2007 - - -
v1.5 :?: - - -

Hardware Highlights

SoC Ram Flash Network USB Serial JTag
Trend Chip TC3162P2-PQ208G @ :?: MHz 16MiB 2MiB 4 x 1 No Yes ?

Manufacturer's site:


Info - A02-RA141-W54 Webshare 141 W v1.5

Instruction set: MIPS :?:
Vendor: MediaTek
bootloader: Bootbase
System-On-Chip: Trend Chip TC3162P2-PQ208G
CPU @Frq :?:
Flash size: 2 MiB
Flash Chip: Macronix MX25L1605DM2I -12G
RAM size: 8 MiB
RAM Chip: Zentel A3V64S40ETP -G6
Wireless No1: SoC-integrated: Ralink RT2561T w/ 2.2 dBi Fixed Antenna for 2.4GHz 802.11b/g
switch: :?:
Modem: xDSL
Serial: Yes
JTAG: :?:


A02-RA141-W54 Webshare 141 W v1.5



Opening the case

Note: This will void your warranty!

To remove the cover remove four screws (two of them under the rubber pads).

Main PCB:


port.serial general information about the serial port, serial port cable, etc.

The serial headers on the PCB are labelled JP1.

How to connect to the Serial Port of this specific device:

Pin Signal
2 RxD
3 TxD

OEM bootlog

Bootbase Version: VTC_SPI1.2 | 2008/07/02 17:18:52 RAM: Size = 8192 Kbytes Found SPI Flash 2MiB MX25L1605D at 0xbfc00000 CR_AHB_AACS=0x0100FFFF CR_AHB_ABEA=0x12000308 RAS Version: System ID: *| 2009/10/21 Press any key to enter debug mode within 3 seconds. ............................................................ Copyright (c) 2001 - 2006 ADSL Company initialize ch = 0, TC2104MC, TC2206, ethernet address: 00:04:ed:d1:6d:0c initialize ch = 1, ethernet address: 00:04:ed:d1:6d:0c Wan Channel init ........ done Initializing ADSL F/W ........ done ==>natTableMemoryInit <==natTableMemoryInitANNEXA old model check flag: on. new model check flag: on. product/customer/version number: 1142/2/0 largeD flag=2 (0:maxD=64, 1:maxD=128, 2:maxD=511) ipaddrmapnum service input line: ipSyncookie switch On! Press ENTER to continue...



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