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The device is not supported by OpenWrt

Bootloader: unknown
System-On-Chip:  unknown
CPU Speed: unknown
Flash size: unknown
RAM: unknown
Wireless: unknown
Ethernet: 1x network controller, no switch
USB: no
Serial: unknown
JTAG: unknown
802.3af Power over Ethernet: unknown

The unit might be similar to WL300G, but without web interface, and 802.11g support.


Opening the AP is fairly easy. Unscrew 2 black screws in the back of the unit and use moderate force to pop open the top. The bottom will be held in place by the power switch and the MAC address sticker.

Picture of the hardware (may be used to deduce specifications above):
Asus WL300 PCB top side


The WL-300 does not run a web interface. You need to use the software provided by ASUS to configure or flash. To install this software on Windows 7, use Windowxs XP SP3 compatibility settings and run as administrator (for setup.exe).

It accepts only .zip files as flash ROMs, the contents of which are until now unknown. The WL-300 might give itself an IP address in the range of 192.168.39.x if it is not provided with one by DHCP.


An external antenna can be connected. Client mode is supported to provide a wired connection to a wireless network. Note that WPA is not supported. WEP in client mode has not been tested. MAC address filtering is available for security. Many advanced options are available for tweaking performance.


About 5/5 mbit/s was achieved over wireless.


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