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     * [[http://​​pub/​ASUS/​wireless/​RT-AC51U/​]] or     * [[http://​​pub/​ASUS/​wireless/​RT-AC51U/​]] or
     * [[https://​​uk/​supportonly/​RT-AC51U/​HelpDesk_Download/​]] then Others > Others > GPL     * [[https://​​uk/​supportonly/​RT-AC51U/​HelpDesk_Download/​]] then Others > Others > GPL
 +===== Tags =====
 +[[meta:​tags|How to add tags]]
 +{{tag>​ramips mediatek FastEthernet mt7620a mt7620 mt7610E usb usb2.0 1usb 64ram 16flash wlan mips mips32 24k 24kec serial U-boot 5port 2x2 2ant 12v_powered}}
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