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 FIXME Please add the installation procedure here. FIXME Please add the installation procedure here.
 +===== Openwrt status ===== 
 +  * ADSL modem is working with Annex B. Annex A is not supported.
 +  * WiFi is not working. (Xwave 300 Lantiq PSB8231 11 bgn 1a30:0710 (rev 01))
 +  * FXS is not working.
 +  * USB works out of the box.
 +===== WiFi support =====
 +For the moment WLAN Hardware is not supported. It's still WiP for the Lantiq XWAY WAVE300 Chip.
 +FIXME Please add the link to WiP thread on forum.
 ===== ADSL support ===== ===== ADSL support =====
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