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FoxBoard LX

This is a developer board based on etrax chip and supported by OpenWrt as etrax target

Hardware Highlights

CPU Ram Flash Network USB GPIO Serial JTag
Etrax 100LX 8MB,16MB,32MB1) 8MB norflash 1 ethernet 2 up to 32 Yes No



Architecture: Etrax
Vendor: Acmesystems
Bootloader: none
System-On-Chip: Etrax 100LX
Flash-Chip: see
Flash size: chip dependent
RAM: 8,16,32 MB
Ethernet: 1 Ethernet port
USB: 2 usb 1.1
Serial: Yes


The etrax port is available on trunk revision and isn't included on any stable release, this means that it isn't inside Backfire or Kamikaze 8.09 release!
You can compile this target using OpenWrt builroot and you can found daily snapshot on

Bugs can be address to trac or directly to etrax maintainer but please note that the chip producer (Axis) isn't maintaining this port any more so it can become quickly obsoleted and can be removed also from OpenWrt without notice.


J10 is a serial port. The signal levels on this port are at 3.3 volt because they come directly from the Axis ETRAX 100LX processor pins. This means that is NOT possible to connect directly the console port of the FOX board to a serial RS232 port of a PC.


  1. VCC (3.3 Volt)
  2. RTS (Out)
  3. TXD (Out)
  4. RXD (Inp)
  5. CTS (Inp)
  6. GND

Default baud rate and parity parameters for the PC serial port are: 115200,n,8,1. Flow Control=OFF.


Compiling openwrt for etrax target you can obtain a *fimage file that is suitable to be directlty flashed over FoxboardLX with etrax100boot tools.


chmod a+x boot_linux etrax100boot
sudo ./boot_linux -F -d <ethernet_device> -i <firmware_name>

BEWARE: This will erase your foxboard mac address!
See also this detailed explanation.

Other Highlights


This plaftorm doesn't support GENERIC_GPIO kernel API but use a device base access to gpio ports. Please refer to this header file

MCM Version

This ancient version of FoxBoard isn't officially supported by OpenWrt build system, so there is not binary repository for it but you can compile your own fimage modifying a kernel flag:



version dependent
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