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架构 @zh:docs:techref:targets
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Minnowboard Max @toh:minnowboard
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== | **[[wp>Instruction set|Architecture]]:** | x86_64 | | **Vendor:** ... uld be okay). This device uses a x64 CPU and the generic x64 OpenWrt build will work fine on it, with a fe... t$ make menuconfig ~/openwrt$ # Set the target as x86 ~/openwrt$ # Set the subtarget as x86_64 ~/openwrt$ # Go to Kernel Modules > Network Devices > Check k
Soekris net6501 @toh:soekris
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-> [[|[PATCH/x86_generic] Add Soekris net6501 device drivers (Intel Atom b... == Hardware Highlights ===== The CPU is a 32-bit x86 Intel Atom. There is an upgradable built-in BIOS,... ng OpenWrt ==== As of Attitude Adjustment 12.09, x86-based images can be upgraded using sysupgrade. Us... rom command-line, ext4 maybe?, luci maybe?). See generic [[docs:guide-user:installation:generic.sysupgrade
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