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Targets @docs:techref:targets
43 Hits, Last modified:]] | | x86 | [[docs:techref:targets:x86|x86]]/generic | [[docs:techref:instructionset:i386_pentium4|i38...]] | | x86_64 | [[docs:techref:targets:x86|x86]]/64 | [[docs:techref:instructionset:x86_64|x86_64]]
OpenWrt as a Docker Image @docs:guide-user:virtualization
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// openwrt-x86-generic-rootfs $ docker images REPOSITORY ... CREATED VIRTUAL SIZE openwrt-x86-generic-rootfs latest 2cebd16f08... s /home/zoobab/docker [14]# docker run -i openwrt-x86-generic-rootfs cat /etc/banner _______ ... t@turmes /home/zoobab [17]# docker run -i openwrt-x86-generic-rootfs ifconfig eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HW
OpenWrt on VMware HowTo @docs:guide-user:virtualization
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tps://]] or * [[https://downloads... onvert it to a vmdk image: <code> gunzip openwrt-x86-generic-combined-ext4.img.gz qemu-img convert -f raw -O vmdk openwrt-x86-generic-combined-ext4.img openwrt-x86-generic-combined-ext4.vmdk </code> or <code> yum -y ins... ttps://]] <-- this was the most cur
OpenWrt in QEMU @docs:guide-user:virtualization
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re. We can issue the following command, using the x86 generic image placed in the folder ''/root/openwrt_kvm/''... -type=linux --disk path=/root/openwrt_kvm/openwrt-x86-generic-combined-ext4.img,bus=ide --network bridge=br0,mo... -type=linux --disk path=/root/openwrt_kvm/openwrt-x86-generic-combined-ext4.img,bus=ide \ --network bridge=b
OpenSSL Benchmarks @docs:guide-user:perf_and_log
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13572 | Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz | Generic x86_64 (VMware VM) | Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 | 6784... mpron(tm) Processor 210U | Wyse R90L ThinClient | x86-64 | 2999.82 | 1.0.1f | 198452910 | 68489220 | 32... 2.09-rc1 | Via Eden 600Mhz | Igel -3/4 mikro PC | X86 | 1197 | 1.0.1c | 31060990 | 10968060 | 5960020 |... k/thin/wyse/s10/index.shtml| Wyse Winterm S10]] | X86 | 666.57 | 1.0.1c | 15593020 | 4234460 | 2605210
OpenWrt on x86 hardware aka PC or Servers @docs:guide-user:installation
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====== OpenWrt on x86 hardware aka PC or Servers ====== OpenWrt can of course run in normal PC or serv... advantage of the much more powerful hardware the x86 (Intel/AMD) architecture can offer. **Note:** Fo... veloper:uefi-bootable-image|OpenWrt on UEFI based x86 systems]] ==== Download disk images ==== [[http... e version, then click on **target** and then on **x86**. You will see different targets. :!: There are
Using the Image Builder @docs:guide-user:additional-software
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and you will find a **openwrt-imagebuilder-ath79-generic.Linux-x86_64.tar.xz** archive with the image builder in it.... nwrt-imagebuilder-18.06.0-rc2-ramips-mt7621.Linux-x86_64.tar.xz** : <code>## Place your custom reposit... d under the subdirectory ''./bin/targets/<target>/generic'' or look inside .''/build_dir/'' for a files ''*... ut from ''make info'' is listed below. == ar71xx-generic Profiles == <code> Available Profiles: Default:
Cryptographic Hardware Accelerators @docs:techref:hardware
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: 32 name : sha256 driver : sha256-generic module : sha256_generic priority : 100 refcnt : 1 selftest : passed internal : no ... elerated), and four offering ''sha256'': ''sha256-generic'' (soft, generic C code), ''sha256-asm'' (soft, basic arm asm), ''sha256-neon'' (soft, using neon asm inst
Upgrading OpenWrt firmware using LuCI and CLI @docs:guide-user:installation
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r data are going to be preserved. === OpenWrt on x86 === :!: For x86 systems there is no "sysupgrade" image, just be sure to use the new firmware image has... // # check the integrity of the image fi
Broadcom BCM47xx @docs:techref:hardware:soc
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ets: * legacy: old devices based on SSB bus * generic: devices based on BCM4705 and two Linksys excepti... is openwrt-brcm47xx-squashfs.trx which is in the generic image format used by the Broadcom SDK for these d... evices, these images contain the same code as the generic image, but with some special header data just for... squashfs.trx image. For sysupgrade always use the generic image openwrt-brcm47xx-squashfs.trx independently
Upgrading OpenWrt firmware using CLI @docs:guide-user:installation
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licates content of [[docs:guide-user:installation:generic.sysupgrade|generic OpenWrt OS upgrade procedure]].\\ Non-experienced users are strongly advised to [[docs:... ysupgrade.bin"** for command line upgrades.\\ For x86 systems there is no "sysupgrade" image, just be s... the firmware: ''mtd -r write /tmp/openwrt-ar71xx-generic-wzr-hp-ag300h-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin firmware''
brcm63xx @docs:techref:targets
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/|generic (snapshot)]] * [[|smp (snapshot)]] ===== Subtarget smp =
bcm63xx @docs:techref:targets
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//|generic (snapshot)]] * [[|smp (snapshot)]] ===== Subtarget smp =
Switch Documentation @docs:guide-user:network:vlan
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</code> ==== Example vmware linux guest, openwrt x86 generic 12.09 combined, 2virtualized intel e1000 ==== :!: More research on vlan on x86 devices has to be done to collect more information on the wiki. The majority of x86 devices do not have any programmable switch, but ... vmware switch and portgroups) to let two openwrt x86 vmware guests reach each other the portgroups had
Hardware watchdog @docs:guide-user:hardware
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(no kmod to install, it's always available). For x86 hardware you have some kmods to choose: * AMD: ... * Intel: [[packages:pkgdata:kmod-itco-wdt]] * Generic: [[packages:pkgdata:kmod-w83627hf-wdt]] There ar... nfiguration, or not installing watchdog kmods for x86 architecture. ===== Controlling the watchdog ===
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