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Ubiquiti airGateway PRO (AMG-PRO) @toh:ubiquiti
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====== Ubiquiti airGateway PRO (AMG-PRO) ====== {{section>meta:infobox:432_warning#infobox_for_dataentries&noheader&nofooter&noedit... cal Data align : c,c,c,c,c,c,c filter : Model*~airGateway Pro ---- ===== Hardware Highlights ===== ---- datata... gn : c,c,c,c,c,c,c,c,c,c,c,c,c filter : Model*~airGateway Pro ---- ===== Installation ===== ---- datatable --... rmware OEM Stock align : l,c,c filter : Model*~airGateway Pro ---- -> [[docs:guide-user:installation:generic.f
ubiquiti_tftp @docs:guide-user:installation:recovery_methods
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pendent on: - The firmware compatible with the product, be it a M or AC model. - The version (as s... oading fresh firmware to restore the device, this process can also be useful to recover devices that ha... from the power supply during the firmware upgrade process, as these actions will damage the device. __**Steps**: Recovery Procedure for Windows__ - Power off the device. -
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