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MikroTik RB5009UG+S+IN
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====== MikroTik RB5009UG+S+IN ====== The MikroTik RB5009UG+S+IN is a compact multigig router based on Marvell's Armada 704... e wall mounted or rack mounted with the [[|MikroTik K-79 rackmount kit]]. {{:media:mikrotik:rb5009ug_s_in:mikrotik_rb5009ug_
Common Procedures for MikroTik RouterBoard Products
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@ scp bin/ar71xx/openwrt-ar71xx-mikrotik-DefaultNoWifi-rootfs.tar.gz root@ Flash kernel & root... cd /mnt/rootfs tar -xvzf /tmp/openwrt-ar71xx-mikrotik-DefaultNoWifi-rootfs.tar.gz cd / umount /mnt/rootfs sync Reboot... k-kernel.tar.gz . cd /mnt/rootfs tar czf /tmp/mikrotik-rootfs.tar.gz . cd /tmp scp mikrotik* username@your-server:tmp If you skipped this step but find you need t
MikroTik RouterBOARD hAP ac² (RBD52G-5HacD2HnD-TC)
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====== MikroTik RouterBOARD hAP ac² (RBD52G-5HacD2HnD-TC) ====== Small router with 5 gigabit ports, dual-ba... adding_images_to_openwrt_wiki */ /*****/ {{media:mikrotik:mikrotik_hap-ac2.png?200|Generic Router}} ===== Supported Versions ===== ---- datatable ---- cols : B... ical Data align : c,c,c,c,c,c,c filter : Brand=MikroTik filter : Model=RBD52G-5HacD2HnD-TC (hAP ac²) ---
MikroTik RB921 Series
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====== MikroTik RB921 Series ====== {{page>meta:infobox:construction&noheader&nofooter&noeditbtn}} This page covers the MikroTik RouterBoard921-series, which is a stripped down v... sion of the [[RB922UAGS-5HPacD|RouterBoard 922]]. MikroTik uses this board as base for some other products, like * mANTBox 15s ([[]]) * mANTBox 19s
MikroTik RB750Gr3
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====== MikroTik RB750Gr3 ====== {{media:mikrotik:mikrotik_rb750gr3.png?300|RB750Gr3}} ===== Supported Versions ===== ---- datatable ---- cols : Brand, M... c,c,c filter : Model=RB750Gr3 ---- Follow [[toh:mikrotik:common|MikroTik Common Procedures]] to install th
MikroTik RouterBoard RB941-2nD / RB941-2nD-TC (hAP lite) / RB951Ui-2nD (Full hAP)
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e this files in bin/ar71xx/: * openwrt-ar71xx-mikrotik-rb-941-2nd-initramfs-kernel.bin - ELF image with kernel and rootfs(initramfs) for boot from network * ''openwrt-ar71xx-mikrotik-rb-941-2nd-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin - Image file f... ade. It contains: 64k image header + packed to mikrotik's yaffs2 kernel file + squashfs root filesystem'' To flash openwrt-ar71xx-mikrotik-rb-941-2nd-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin: Using ssh:
MikroTik Routerboard RB750UP
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====== MikroTik Routerboard RB750UP ====== {{section>meta:infobox:432_warning#infobox_for_dataentries&nohea... lter : Model=RB750UP ---- Similiar to the [[toh:mikrotik:rb750|Routerboard 750]]. - Prepare an OpenWrt Ramdisk Image (Target: AR7XX, Subtarget: Mikrotik NAND Flash) or use [[|this]] - Configure a TFTP
MikroTik RouterBoard RB750r2 (hEX lite)
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====== MikroTik RouterBoard RB750r2 (hEX lite) ====== {{ media:mikrotik:mikrotik_rb750r2_overview.jpg?200|hEX Lite}} ===== Supported versions ===== ---- datatable ---- cols :... : c,c,c filter : Model*~RB750r2 ---- See [[toh:mikrotik:common#netboot_of_openwrt_uses_dhcpbootptftp|how
MikroTik Routerboard RB532(A)
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====== MikroTik Routerboard RB532(A) ====== {{section>meta:infobox:432_warning#infobox_for_dataentries&nohe... n ebay occasionally for $35-64. They normally run MikroTik's RouterOS but were also available with a Debian ... | ? | Manufacturer's site: [[]] Users Guide: [[]] Forum: [[]] ===== Installation ====
MikroTik RouterBoard RB450G
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u'll have to edit wget2nand to download the right rootfs, in our case it is the DefaultNoWifi one. So ''sed -i 's/openwrt-ar71xx-mikrotik-rootfs.tar.gz/openwrt-ar71xx-mikrotik-DefaultNoWifi-rootfs.tar.gz/g' $(which wget2nand)'' will do it. - Once the internet connection is estab...''. - Once ''wget2nand'' finishes, you can reboo
MikroTik RouterBoard RB433 / RB433AH / RB433UAH
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====== MikroTik RouterBoard RB433 / RB433AH / RB433UAH ====== ===== Supported Versions ===== ---- datatable... llation ===== :!: **Please have a look at [[toh:mikrotik:common|Common Procedures for Mikrotik RouterBoard Products]] for installation instructions and other inform... n : l,c,c filter : Model*~RB433 ---- -> [[toh:mikrotik:common|Common Procedures for Mikrotik RouterBoard
MikroTik RouterBoard RB411
25 Hits, Last modified:]] Note that if you have Atheros 5k family...]] <del>funny thing is that the "wget2nand... me your rootfs tarball file to: ''openwrt-ar71xx-mikrotik-rootfs.tar.gz'' now, you have to start a simple http s
MikroTik RouterBoard RB133
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====== MikroTik RouterBoard RB133 ====== {{section>meta:infobox:432_warning#infobox_for_dataentries&noheade... e [[permanent version]] of the OpenWrt kernel and rootfs (you can use SCP as well). Connect your RouterBo... need both RAMdisk image and stock OpenWrt kernel+rootfs. Build profile should be: * Target System: * Target Profile: To install openwrt on mikrotik rb133c a serial null modem cable is required on t
MikroTik RouterBoard RB91xG 5HPnD (RB911/RB912)
29 Hits, Last modified: $ scp bin/ar71xx/openwrt-ar71xx-mikrotik-DefaultNoWifi-rootfs.tar.gz root@ Flash kernel & rootf... umount /mnt/kernel root@OpenWrt:/# tar -C /mnt/rootfs -xvzf /tmp/openwrt-ar71xx-mikrotik-DefaultNoWifi-rootfs.tar.gz root@OpenWrt:/# umount /mnt/rootfs Stop and finally root@OpenWrt:/# reboot After reb
MikroTik RouterBoard RB711-5Hn-MMCX
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====== MikroTik RouterBoard RB711-5Hn-MMCX ====== The device is not yet supported but there is some code re... | ^ Vendor | MikroTik | ^ Bootloader |... s: <code>Target System: Atheros AR71xx Subtarget: Mikrotik devices with NAND flash Target Images: ramdisk</c... nfig parameters in this file: target/linux/ar71xx/mikrotik/config-default before compiling <code> CONFIG_CMD
MikroTik RBwAPG-5HacD2HnD (wAP AC)
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MikroTik RBSXT2nDr3
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