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D-Link DWR-118 @toh:d-link
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onfig//**\\ 64 KiB| OpenWrt Flash layout: ^ D-Link DWR-118 Rev. A1 and A2 OpenWrt Flash Layout ^^^^^^ ^ Layer0 ... r-118-a1-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin </code> <tabbox Revision A2:> <code> cd /tmp wget http://downloads.openwrt.o... | 4 | | CPU | 6 | <tabbox Revision A2:> ^ Port ^ Switch port ^ | Internet... use and configure the hardware button(s). The D-Link DWR-118 A1 and A2 has the following buttons: ^ BUTTON ^ Event
TP-Link Archer C50 @toh:tp-link
54 Hits, Last modified:;a=commit;h=01dcd574a24864c10a9c4df4304a3ce0da5c11a9|this commit]] (Please do not remove the link). A tp_recovery.bin TFTP installation image is n... in detail how to modify the sysupgrade.bin image (linked above, on the "Downloads" section) to create a ... TP installation. To create a sysupgrade image to revert from OpenWrt to stock TPlink firmware follow t... **</color> Scroll further down the wiki page for link to pre-built TFTP image for v5 testing. If you d
Sercomm H500-s @toh:sercomm
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dware ID: QD840 [ 334.145000] Hardware revision: bbic4_rev_a2 [ 334.150000] Band: 5GHz [ 334... May 31 16:56:36 CST 2018 963167REF3 prom init CPU revision is: 0002a080 (Broadcom BMIPS4350) DSL SDRAM ... S=0 Broadcom Logger v0.1 May 31 2018 16:03:32 CPU revision is: 0002a080 (Broadcom BMIPS4350) Primary in... Q Initialized and Enabled Serial: BCM63XX driver $Revision: 3.00 $ Magic SysRq with Auxilliary trigger
Xiaomi Mi WiFi Nano / Youth (R1CL) @toh:xiaomi
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code> - Download the image in the router's /tmp directory. <code>wget d software, and run it. Place the ROM on the same directory. - Use static IP on your Ethernet port: 1... MIPS CPU sleep mode enabled. [ 0.000000] CPU0 revision is: 00019655 (MIPS 24KEc) [ 0.000000] Sof... C_ADRL -- : 0x292285e8 [ 3.870000] RT305x_ESW: Link Status Changed - preinit - Tue Sep 8 17:18:55 UT
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