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D-Link DIR-835 A1
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835 Rev A1 is a 3T3R (on 5GHz) version of [[toh:d-link:dir-825|D-Link DIR-825]] rev C1 (same PCB). Hardware is very similar to [[toh:tp-link:tl-wdr4300_v1|TP-Link WDR4300]] but DIR-835 has more flash and is physically more compact... OpenWrt image file (e.g. openwrt-ar71xx-generic-**dir-835-a1**-squashfs-**factory**.bin) via D-Link firmware upgrade in web interface. *NOTE* the pro... ootlog ==== From [[|WikiDevi]] <WRAP bootlog> <nowiki>U-Bo
D-Link DIR-825
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====== D-Link DIR-825 ====== ===== Known Hardware Versions ===== ^ Revision ^ Supported since ...|Wikidevi]] ([[|E1]], [[|G1]], and [[|more]]). ===== Installation ===== ---- datatable
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