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Ethernet Network Switch @docs:techref:hardware
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ewsID=182|RealTek RTL8366S]], e.g. in the [[toh/d-link/DIR-825]] * [[ , 9 Ports, 8x 100BASE-TX-PHYs e.g. in the [[toh/d-link/dir-632|D-Link DIR-632]] ==== Qualcomm / Atheros ==== * AR8216 Fa... 7Ports, 5x 1000Base-T-PHYs e.g. in the [[toh/tp-link/tl-wr1043nd|WR1043ND v2]] ([[
Internal Layout D-Link DIR-825
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====== Internal Layout D-Link DIR-825 ====== This article describes the internal layout and configuration of the [[toh:d-link:dir-825|D-Link DIR-825]]. This particular hardware has two physical netw... ented by ''wlan0'' and ''wlan1''. {{:media:dlink:dir-825:dir-825_hardware_diagram2.gif}} ^ iface ^ Port ^ | eth0
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