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D-Link DIR-505 @toh:d-link
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====== D-Link DIR-505 ====== //Write a short, relevant description of the device. Include a technical overview,... | Charge mode; exchangeable mains plug | | DIR-505 A2 | Not clear what is the difference to the DI... so far there are four versions of the dlink 505: DIR-505 A1, DIR-505L A1, DIR-505 A2, DIR-505L A2. They differ a bit on the "outer" hardware (swit... epeat steps 4 through 9 </file> At least for the DIR-505 A2 hardware for the FW upgrade over the rescue web p
OpenWrt v21.02.0 Changelog @releases:21.02
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owiki>ath79:</nowiki>** <nowiki>add support for D-Link DIR-505</nowiki> //<color #ccc>(</color><color #282>+164<... *<nowiki>ath79:</nowiki>** <nowiki>fix LEDs for D-Link DIR-842</nowiki> //<color #ccc>(</color><color #282>+... nowiki>** <nowiki>define switch reset-gpios for D-Link DIR-842</nowiki> //<color #ccc>(</color><color #282>+... th79:</nowiki>** <nowiki>increase spi clock for D-Link DIR-842</nowiki> //<color #ccc>(</color><color #282>+
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