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Rescue from failed firmware upgrade @docs:guide-user:troubleshooting
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orts recovery). Inofficial documentation: [[toh:d-link:dir-505#web_interface|OpenWrt Wiki for DIR-505]] and [[|D-Link Forum]]. * Inofficial notes of [[https://fccid.... |ZBTLink recovery]], * Official [[|TP-Link rescue partition notes]] ===== Dual firmware partition ===== Supported by new
Particularities of Single-Port Devices @docs:guide-user:network
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:TL-WR703N]], [[toh:tp-link:TL-MR3020]], [[toh:tp-link:TL-WA901ND]] or the [[toh:d-link:DIR-505]], amongst others) come with their only ethernet ... explains the process for a TP-Link WR703N (but can be used for other devices as well
Attach functions to a push button @docs:guide-user:hardware
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ut/event0 node for the buttons was created on the DIR-505 router with attached USB sound card. <code> [ ... ches ===== Some routers, for example the [[toh:tp-link:tl-mr3020|TP-Link TL-MR3020]], have a sliding switch with three positions. These are usually implemente
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