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D-Link DGS-1210 rev G,F (Realtek) @toh:d-link
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have a 5-year warranty. Be warned that cables are glued on motherboard. Any attempt to remove the glue may void warranty. Hacking the motherboard or tryin... port 0 [ 67.936617] VLAN 1: L2 learning: 1, L2 Unknown MultiCast Field 1ff, IPv4 Unknown MultiCast Field 1ff, IPv6 Unknown MultiCast Field: 1ff [ 67.9
AVM Fritz!Repeater 2400 @inbox:toh:avm
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[ 7.117067] udevd[255]: specified group 'tty' unknown [ 7.127410] udevd[255]: specified group 'dialout' unknown [ 7.135682] udevd[255]: specified group 'kmem' unknown [ 7.141148] udevd[255]: specified group 'input' unknown [ 7.146705] udevd[255]: specified group 'video
MTS WG430223 @toh:mts
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e2 | 0x2300000 | 0x2000000 | | mtd7 | glbcfg | 0x4300000 | 0x200000 | | mtd8... ata | 0x4500000 | 0x100000 | | mtd9 | glbcfg2 | 0x4600000 | 0x200000 | | mtd1... n factory nor in other places * /tmp/etc/config/.glbcfg contains serial number, WiFi preshared keys e... arccfg fgets partition name ok!the partition is [glbcfg] fgets the second partition name ok!the the
Linksys E2500 V4 @inbox:toh:linksys
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to 119050, quite far from 115200, that can cause glitches. Linux kernel use a better rounded value, t... t: phy[2].reg[0] = 3300 Set: phy[3].reg[0] = 3300 Unknown option: -I Unknown option: ra0 Jan 1 00:00:34 miniupnpd[2022]: WPS listening on port 7777 Unknown option: -I Unknown option: rai0 Jan 1 00:00:34 m
Network basics /etc/config/network @docs:guide-user:base-system
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0.1' network.loopback.netmask='' network.globals=globals network.globals.ula_prefix='fd27:70fa:5c1d::/48' network.lan=interface network.lan.type='bridge'... 0.0.1' option netmask '' config globals 'globals' option ula_prefix 'fd27:70
Xiaomi Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition @inbox:toh:xiaomi
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. It is offered with either Chinese firmware, or Global International firmware. The hardware is iden... |documented by Albertcp]] If you have 4A Gigabit Global International model and have difficulty returning to Global International stock firmware, please read thi... h chinese language firmware v2.x. The earliest **Global** international model is labelled the '**Giga
Xiaomi AIoT Router AC2350 @toh:xiaomi
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it weak. There are two versions of this router, a global (black) and a chineese (white) one, with no h... or Board Info at: 87f93fd4 Reserving 40 Bytes for Global Data at: 87f93fac Reserving 128k for boot par... ecking devid: 3f [ 15.470000] __ath_attach: Set global_scn[0] [ 15.470000] *** All the minfree val... e already attached [ 15.710000] ath_attach: Set global_ic[1]..gloabl_ic ptr:85d5c7f0 [ 15.720000]
Sercomm H500-s @toh:sercomm
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der for flashing purposes, the procedure is still unknown. ===== Recovery ===== The bootloader (CFE) comes... imson>plastic</color>** made. The conductivity is unknown. Furthermore, in some units it's likely loose. Pl... rssismc5g=15 rssismf5g=15 tri2g=255 tri5g=255 tri5gl=255 tri5gh=255 rxpo2g=-1 rxpo5g=-1 txchain=3 rxch... spower2=0x7f cck2gpo=0 ofdm2gpo=0 ofdm5gpo=0 ofdm5glpo=0 ofdm5ghpo=0 mcs2gpo0=8192 mcs2gpo1=17442 mcs2
Arcadyan/Astoria Easybox 904xDSL (VGV952CJW33-E-IR) @toh:astoria
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lling hacked bootloader ===== Default uboot has unknown password. This way we will install uboot with pas... onfig/passwd config/passwd- config/inittab config/glbcfg.dft config/ulogd.conf config/iproute2/ config... tp.org_zone_de.html config/mapi_event.cfg config/.glbcfg config/dropbear config/rc.conf config/inittab... -------- * 1 1/2 oz Gin Shake with a glassful * 1/4 oz Triple Sec of broken ice a
Linksys E8450 (aka. Belkin RT3200) @toh:linksys
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(Gary@d1r130b) (gcc version 5.4.0 (LEDE GCC 5.4.0 unknown) ) #0 SMP PREEMPT Wed Aug 26 11:31:35 UTC 2020 [ ... ff8009901000 [ 35.982412] wdma_dma_ctrl(): WDMA_GLO_CFG=40000450 [ 35.987241] Hif Init Done! [ 3... ----- \ DE \ / Reboot (17.01-SNAPSHOT, unknown) \________\/ -----------------------------
AVM FRITZ!Box 7520 / 7530 @toh:avm
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| | | eth0 | Unknown port | Unknown port | | eth1 | LAN 1-4 | LAN ... dt [ 0.390230] tcsr 1949000.tcsr: setting wifi_glb_cfg = 41000000 [ 0.390318] tcsr 194b000.tcsr:
Setting up a TFTP server for TFTP Recovery/Install @docs:guide-user:troubleshooting
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from any untrustworthy websites. Do not download unknown version or "new" versions, that is not-shared or ... ip|media sensing]]:<code>netsh interface ipv4 set global dhcpmediasense=disabled netsh interface ipv6 set global dhcpmediasense=disabled</code> * Use a swit
TP-Link TL-WR841ND @toh:tp-link
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0.0.1' option netmask '' config globals 'globals' option ula_prefix 'here is written something, no need to modify it' config in... 0757#ticket|Trac ticket 20757]]| | v11.x | 2015 | unknown | [[
Xiaomi Mi Router 4A (MIR4A) 100M @toh:xiaomi
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bit]]** Don't brick your router. There is also a Global/International version of this router. **[[in... Netfilter Core Team [ 14.490000] nf_nat_amanda: Unknown symbol nf_nat_amanda_hook (err 0) [ 14.640000]
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