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Comtrend VG-8050
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l layer [FAP0] DSPRAM : stack <0x80000000><1024>, global <0x80000400><7104>, free <64>, total<8192> [FAP1] DSPRAM : stack <0x80000000><1024>, global <0x80000400><7104>, free <64>, total<8192> [F... messages via NETLINK v0.30. nf_conntrack_netlink: Unknown symbol __nf_ct_l4proto_find nf_conntrack_netlink: Unknown symbol nf_conntrack_find_get nf_conntrack_netlink
Comtrend AR-5381u
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0.0.1' option netmask '' config globals 'globals' option ula_prefix 'fda5:ace8:376d::/48' config interface 'lan' option... rssismc5g=15 rssismf5g=15 tri2g=255 tri5g=255 tri5gl=255 tri5gh=255 rxpo2g=-1 rxpo5g=-1 txchain=3 rxch... x7f cck2gpo=0 ofdm2gpo=1431655765 ofdm5gpo=0 ofdm5glpo=0 ofdm5ghpo=0 mcs2gpo0=21845 mcs2gpo1=30037 mcs
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