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AVM Fritz!Repeater 2400 @inbox:toh:avm
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[ 7.117067] udevd[255]: specified group 'tty' unknown [ 7.127410] udevd[255]: specified group 'dialout' unknown [ 7.135682] udevd[255]: specified group 'kmem' unknown [ 7.141148] udevd[255]: specified group 'input' unknown [ 7.146705] udevd[255]: specified group 'video
Linksys E2500 V4 @inbox:toh:linksys
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to 119050, quite far from 115200, that can cause glitches. Linux kernel use a better rounded value, t... t: phy[2].reg[0] = 3300 Set: phy[3].reg[0] = 3300 Unknown option: -I Unknown option: ra0 Jan 1 00:00:34 miniupnpd[2022]: WPS listening on port 7777 Unknown option: -I Unknown option: rai0 Jan 1 00:00:34 m
Xiaomi Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition @inbox:toh:xiaomi
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. It is offered with either Chinese firmware, or Global International firmware. The hardware is iden... |documented by Albertcp]] If you have 4A Gigabit Global International model and have difficulty returning to Global International stock firmware, please read thi... h chinese language firmware v2.x. The earliest **Global** international model is labelled the '**Giga
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