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mwan3 (Load balancing/failover with multiple WAN interfaces) @docs:guide-user:network:wan:multiwan
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ic can be configured in the ''/etc/config/mwan3'' globals section. This is useful if you also use othe... rmally this would be **lan**. <code bash> config globals 'globals' option local_source 'lan' option mmx_mask '0x3F00' </code> After this all traffic o... network. Any attempts to use such services from "unknown" IP addresses will likely result in the traffic b
Firewall configuration /etc/config/firewall @docs:guide-user:firewall
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an two zones, as the rule can then be set as the 'global default' for that zone.// ==== Defaults ==== The ''defaults'' section declares global firewall settings which do not belong to spec... -exceeded'' | | ''address-mask-request'' | ''host-unknown'' | ''port-unreachable'' | ''timestamp-reply'' | ... twork-redirect'' | | ''echo-request'' | ''network-unknown'' | ''router-advertisement'' | ''TOS-network-unre
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