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OpenWrt in QEMU @docs:guide-user:virtualization
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id=net0 \ -smp 2 </code> ===== OpenWrt in QEMU x86-64 ===== The x86-64 target has support for ESXi images by default. Booting the VMDK / VDI images might... using other virtualization systems like Proxmox, VMWare ESXi/Workstation, VirtualBox, XenServer/XCP-ng, a... nfiguration examples ==== <code bash> qemu-system-x86_64 \ -enable-kvm \ -M pc-q35-2.0 \ -drive file=op
Build system essentials @docs:guide-developer:toolchain
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ribution using [[wp>VirtualBox|VirtualBox]], [[wp>VMware|VMware]], [[wp>QEMU|QEMU]], etc. Also some users have positive experience with [[wp>Windows_Subsystem_for... tage. 4 GB of RAM are required for compilation of x86 images. Doing additional optimization such as ena... tion set architecture (ISA) that it runs on ([[wp>x86_64]] in the case of most PCs and servers). Howeve
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