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Meraki Z1
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15:31:10 init_ddr ok test_memory ok D-cache size: 64K I-cache size: 32K init_dram_uncached ok init_ica... nit_pcie_plls ok nand_flash_init ok loading fw at 64 hdr: [0x4d495053 : 0x80002000 : 0x41d3c0 : 0x802a... le=ttyS0,115200 mtdparts=ath-nand:128K(loader1),8064K(bootkernel1),128K(loader2),8064K(bootkernel2),114560K(ubi),128K(origcaldata) ubi.mtd=ubi mem=131056K
Meraki mini
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ri Nov 3 11:36:22 PST 2006 CPU revision is: 00019064 Determined physical RAM map: memory: 02000000 @ ... _init watchdog hb: 90 ISR: 0x21 IMR: 0x8 WD : 0x86b43edd WDC: 0x0 ar2315_wdt_init using heartbeat 9... p new IP address via DHCP - Sends UDP packet to - Makes DNS lookups for config.m... p: <code> ssh meraki@x.x.x.x 'dd if=/dev/mtd1 bs=64k' >stage2.bak ssh meraki@x.x.x.x 'dd if=/dev/mtd3
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