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OpenSSL Benchmarks @docs:guide-user:perf_and_log
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Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz | Generic x86_64 (VMware VM) | Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 | 6784.58 | 1.1.1... mpron(tm) Processor 210U | Wyse R90L ThinClient | x86-64 | 2999.82 | 1.0.1f | 198452910 | 68489220 | 32... 2.09-rc1 | Via Eden 600Mhz | Igel -3/4 mikro PC | X86 | 1197 | 1.0.1c | 31060990 | 10968060 | 5960020 |... k/thin/wyse/s10/index.shtml| Wyse Winterm S10]] | X86 | 666.57 | 1.0.1c | 15593020 | 4234460 | 2605210
TP-Link TL-WR1043ND @toh:tp-link
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ar/74-wan-to-lan]] * Using 2 mikrotik routersOS x86 on a vmware machine, doing the bandwidth test through a wr104... openwrt-imagebuilder-19.07.1-ath79-generic.Linux-x86_64\target\linux\ath79\image\ Add... openwrt-imagebuilder-19.07.1-ath79-generic.Linux-x86_64\target\linux\ath79\image\ S
OpenWrt on VirtualBox HowTo @docs:guide-user:virtualization
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wTo ====== This document describes how to run the x86-64 OpenWrt images in <abbr>Virtual Machine (VM)</... You need a [[docs:guide-user:installation:openwrt_x86|x86 64 bit version of OpenWrt]]. There is two versions of them: * ''combined-squashfs.img.gz'' This... on to function. In the guide we'll use //openwrt-x86-64-combined-ext4.img.gz// because it has less lim
Minnowboard Max @toh:minnowboard
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== | **[[wp>Instruction set|Architecture]]:** | x86_64 | | **Vendor:** ... t$ make menuconfig ~/openwrt$ # Set the target as x86 ~/openwrt$ # Set the subtarget as x86_64 ~/openwrt$ # Go to Kernel Modules > Network Devices > Check k... tmp/sdf1/EFI/BOOT/ ~/openwrt# cp -r ~/openwrt/bin/x86_64/openwrt-x86_64-vmlinuz /tmp/sdf1/EFI/BOOT/boot
OpenWrt on VMware HowTo @docs:guide-user:virtualization
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====== OpenWrt on VMware HowTo ====== This article describes how to use OpenWrt as a virtual machine with VMware virtualization. ===== Tested with ===== * Barrier Breaker 14.07 in combination with VMware ESXi 5.5 Update 2 Build 2068190 * Chaos Calmer 15.05.1 with VMware Fusion and vSphere ESXi 6.0 * 19.07.0-rc2 in co
The build system @docs:guide-developer:build-system
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nstallation or VM: * [[wp>VirtualBox]] * [[wp>VMware]] * [[wp>QEMU]] * [[wp>Windows_Subsystem_for_... tage. 4 GB of RAM are required for compilation of x86 images. Doing additional optimization (e.g. enabl... tion set architecture (ISA) that it runs on ([[wp>x86_64]] in the case of most PCs and servers). Howeve... look at an example. We are building OpenWrt on an x86_64 system for a router that uses a MIPS32 archite
Como correr OpenWrt en VirtualBox @es:docs:guide-user:virtualization
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== Este documento describe como correr la imagen x86-6 de OpenWRT en <abbr>Maquina Virtual (MV)</abbr... sitas la [[docs:guide-user:installation:openwrt_x86|version de x86 64 bit de OpenWrt]]. Hay dos versiones de ella: * ''combined-squashfs.img.gz'' Esta ... ra para funcionar En la guía usaremos //openwrt-x86-64-combined-ext4.img.gz// por que tiene menos lim
Switch Documentation @docs:guide-user:network:vlan
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for example ifname 'eth0.3' </code> ==== Example vmware linux guest, openwrt x86 generic 12.09 combined, 2virtualized intel e1000 ... vmware switch and portgroups) to let two openwrt x86 vmware guests reach each other the portgroups had to be ... at is: vlan id 4095, According to white papers: //VMware Virtual Networking Concepts// and //VMware ESX Server 3 802.1Q VLAN Solutions//). Side note: if differen
构建系统 – 安装 @zh:docs:guide-developer:build-system
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]), 可以是独立安装的系统, 也可以是虚拟环境 ([[wp>Virtualbox]], [[wp>VMware]] 或 [[wp>Qemu]]). [[wp>Windows Subsystem for Lin... l libncurses-dev unzip python</code> * **Centos x86-64 (some packages require EPEL)**<code>yum instal
PC Engines APU @toh:pcengines
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Model ---- ==== Status ==== The generic combined x86 OpenWrt package ( works on the APU 1C4 (booted from 16GiB SD-Card). ... rotect [ 0.000000] 7 disabled [ 0.000000] x86 PAT enabled: cpu 0, old 0x7040600070406, new 0x70
Kamikaze 8.09.2 @releases:8.09
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edboot based systems * add support for creating VMware VMDK images for x86 * fixed ipv6 interface setup on boot * numero
OpenWrt 建置 – 安裝 @zh-tw:doc:howto
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U/Linux Distribution]],不論是獨立安裝的, 或是執行於虛擬環境的 ([[wp>VMware]] 或 [[wp>Qemu]])上。 [[wp>Cygwin]] 無法正常的運作,也不保證可以成... ,和 e2fsprogs相關。這幾行應如:<code> tools-$(CONFIG_TARGET_x86) += qemu $(curdir)/mtd-utils/compile := $(curdir)
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