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OpenWrt in QEMU
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id=net0 \ -smp 2 </code> ===== OpenWrt in QEMU X86-64 ===== The x86-64 target has support for ESXi images by default. Booting the VMDK / VDI images might not w... ight have performance issues. <code> qemu-system-x86_64 \ -enable-kvm \ -M pc-q35-2.0 \ -drive file=openwrt-x86_64-combined-ext4.vdi,id=d0,if=none \ -device ide-hd,
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ps://|snapshots/targets/x86/64/]]下载 //lede-x86-64-combined-squashfs.img// 镜像。 (在 Linux系统上, 下载这个//lede-x86-64-combined-ext4.img// 镜像 ) * 到你下载文件的目录,打开一个终端窗口 (... ''VBoxManage convertfromraw %%--%%format VDI lede-x86-64-combined-squashfs.img lede-x86-64-combined-squashfs.vdi'' (在 VB 5.1.10 debian8 上测试可以用,但是//lede-x86-64-combined-squashfs.img//镜像看起来不能用,因为是只读的) 如果你看到类似右
在OpenWrt上运行QEMU guests
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tecture, install [[packages:pkgdata_lede17_1:qemu-x86_64-softmmu|qemu-x86_64-softmmu]] or [[packages:pkgdata_lede17_1:qemu-arm... r performance. Example for an Intel system and a x86_64 guest: <code> opkg install kmod-tun qemu-bridge-helper qemu-x86_64-softmmu kmod-kvm-intel </code> After the first in... f the networking options. <code bash> qemu-system-x86_64 -enable-kvm -cpu host -smp 2 -m 2G \ -drive f
Docker OpenWrt镜像
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* ====== Example Dockerfile ====== Note th... / EXPOSE 80 RUN mkdir /var/lock && \ opk
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