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Ubiquiti NanoBeam AC @toh:ubiquiti
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====== Ubiquiti NanoBeam AC ====== {{media:ubiquiti:nanobeam_ac:nanobeamac.png?100|Nanobeam AC}} The [[|Ubiquiti NanoBeam™ AC]] are lightweight proprietary (based... fficial firmware is not compatible to 802.11ac as Ubiquiti uses their own TDMA packet timing scheme. Despite
My OpenWrt firmware image build guide @user:ja
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|||| |[[toh:ubiquiti:unifi|Ubiquiti UniFi AP-LR]] |21.02.1 |Atheros ATH79 |Generic |Ubiquiti UniFi |ath79\generic | </hidden> ==== 3.2 Op... penWrt 21.02: * "Network" ⇒ “Select” ⇒ "WirelessAPD" ⇒ “Select” ⇒ on "wpad-basic-wolfssl" press <N> ... penWrt 21.02: * "Network" ⇒ “Select” ⇒ "WirelessAPD" ⇒ “Select” ⇒ on "wpad" press <Y> to include (=
stintel @developers
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5 V3| 1 | | | Ubiquiti LiteBeam AC Gen2 | 2 | | | Ubiquiti Unifi AP AC Pro | 1 | | bcm27xx | Raspberry Pi 3A+ | 1 | |... 2 | | | Huawei AP7060DN (WIP) | 1 | | mediatek | Ubiquiti Unifi 6 Long-Range | 1 | | mvebu | TP-Link OC200 (WIP) ... all | 2 | | | TP-Link EAP615-Wall (WIP) | 2 | | | Ubiquiti Unifi 6 Lite | 1 | | | Ubiquiti Unifi Switch Flex | 2 | | realtek | Edge-Core ECS4100-12PH | 2 | | | Netgear GS108Tv3 |
Ubiquiti UniFi AP and AP-LR @toh:ubiquiti
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====== Ubiquiti UniFi AP and AP-LR ====== ===== Supported Versions ===== **NOTE for UAP-v2**: As for July 2018, Ubiquiti s... 9410|this forum post]]. ==== Photos ==== {{media:ubiquiti:unifi_ap_pcb.jpg?300|}} {{:media:ubiquiti:unifi_case.png?225}}\\ ===== Specific Configuration ===== The UniFi ap has 2 leds, the orange one can be configured addi... 8.1.0/24 range, but not (this is the Unifi AP default TFTP IP). Follow the steps to unbrick yo
Ubiquiti Edgerouter 4 @toh:ubiquiti
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s currently no way to install OpenWrt through the Ubiquiti web interface. The possibilities of this happening are rather slim, given the firmware checks Ubiquiti tends to implement. ==== OEM installation using t... tp]] === Specific values needed for tftp === <WRAP BOX> FIXME Enter values for "FILL-IN" below ^ B... | ^ TFTP window start | approximately FILL-IN seconds after power on | ^ T
Ubiquiti UniFi AC HD @toh:ubiquiti
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====== Ubiquiti UniFi AC HD ====== The Ubiquiti UniFi AC HD (also called UniFi HD, UAP-HD, UAP-AC-HD) is a 4×4 802.11ac Wave 2 access point with a dual-core ARM processor and 512 MB of RAM. {{:media:ubiquiti:uap-ac-hd_front.jpg?200|Ubiquiti UniFi AC HD}} ===== Supported Versions ===== ---- dat... l reset the configuration (U-Boot environment and Ubiquiti firmware config partition "cfg") and overwrite the APPSBL, SBL1, SBL2, SBL3, TZ, RPM, kernel0 and boots... tons, so we can use them in the above Howto. The Ubiquiti UniFi AC HD has the following buttons: ^ BUTTON ^ Even
OpenWrt v21.02.0 Changelog @releases:21.02
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<nowiki>ath79:</nowiki>** <nowiki>add support for Ubiquiti UniFi AP Pro</nowiki> //<color #ccc>(</color><color #282>+... <nowiki>ath79:</nowiki>** <nowiki>add support for Ubiquiti UniFi AP Outdoor+</nowiki> //<color #ccc>(</color><color #... 7e6]]'' **<nowiki>ipq806x:</nowiki>** <nowiki>fix Ubiquiti UniFi AC HD partition map</nowiki> //<color #ccc>(</color><color #282>+1</c... wiki>mediatek:</nowiki>** <nowiki>add support for Ubiquiti UniFi 6 LR</nowiki> //<color #ccc>(</color><color #282>
Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC @toh:ubiquiti
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====== Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC ====== Ubiquiti has released a new series of UniFi APs supporting AC in Q4/2015 and two similar devices under the "Mesh" label in 2017. * ... eachable screws. **Unifi AP AC Lite**\\ {{media:ubiquiti:unifi-apac-lite_pcb_front.jpg?400}} {{media:ubiquiti:unifi-apac-lite_pcb_back.jpg?400}} {{media:ubiquiti:unifi-apac-lite-qca
Ubiquiti UniFi 6 LR @toh:ubiquiti
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====== Ubiquiti UniFi 6 LR ====== {{page>meta:infobox:construction&noheader&nofooter&noeditbtn}} //Write a short... t the page to see how to add pictures.// {{media:ubiquiti:unifi_6_lr_front.jpg?200|Unifi 6 LR Front}} ===== Supported Versions ===== ---... | Disabled | ==== Buttons ==== The Ubiquiti Unifi 6 LR has the following buttons: ^ BUTTON ... LR ---- ==== Photos ==== //Front://\\ {{:media:ubiquiti:unifi_6_lr_front.jpg?400|Front}} //Back://\\ {{:media:
Ubiquiti LiteBeam 5AC Gen2 @toh:ubiquiti
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====== Ubiquiti LiteBeam 5AC Gen2====== Ubiquiti LiteBeam 5AC Gen2 (LBE-5AC-Gen2) is a dual band outdoor PoE CPE packed in... mance and range are less than 5GHz wifi. {{media:ubiquiti:ubnt-lbe-5ac-gen2.jpg?200|LiteBeam 5AC Gen2}} ==... ilter : Model=LiteBeam 5AC Gen2 ---- */ /* **Snapshot** */ ---- datatable ---- cols : Model, Ver
Ubiquiti Airmax M @toh:ubiquiti
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in the openwrt source. There are 4 models of the Unifi, Unifi AP, Unifi AP LR (Long Range), Unifi Ap PRO, Unifi AP Outdoor The PowerBridge M, NanoBridge M, AirGrid... in the airmax M family, but not tested? {{:media:ubiquiti:NanoBridgeM5_top.jpg?600|NanoBridgeM5}} {{:media:ubiquiti:NanoBridgeM5_bottom.jpg?600|NanoBridgeM5}}
Ubiquiti LiteAP AC @toh:ubiquiti
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====== Ubiquiti LiteAP AC ====== The [[|Ubiquiti LiteAP AC]] is a family of lightweight 802.11ac out... receiver and a 2.4 GHz management radio {{:media:ubiquiti:ubt_lap-120_front.jpg?150x150|Device front view (click to show full image)}} {{:media:ubiquiti:ubt_lap-120_conn.jpg?150x150|Device connector view (click
Ubiquiti Powerbeam 5AC @toh:ubiquiti
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====== Ubiquiti Powerbeam 5AC ====== /* This template is intended to be used via . Edit the page to see how to add pictures.// <WRAP BOX> FIXME Any text with a light background (like... ove the instructions, as well as the ''<nowiki><WRAP></nowiki>'' that encloses it.** </WRAP> /*****/ /* How to add images ========>
Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 6P @toh:ubiquiti
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====== Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 6P ====== /* This template is intended to be used via x:construction&noheader&nofooter&noeditbtn}} The Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 6P is a 6-port router based on the Cav... it Ethernet ports and one SFP port. The device's capability for passive POE through the 5 ethernet por... s is not currently supported by OpenWRT. {{media:ubiquiti:er-6p-features-routing.jpg?400}} ===== Supported
Ubiquiti UniFi Outdoor Plus @toh:ubiquiti
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rotocol family 16 [ 0.090000] MIPS: machine is Ubiquiti UniFiAP Outdoor+ [ 0.540000] registering PCI controller with io_map_base unset [ 0.550000] PCI host bridge to bus ... [ 12.050000] ath: doing EEPROM country->regdmn map search [ 12.050000] ath: country maps to regdmn code: 0x3a [ 12.050000] ath: Country alpha2 being
Ubiquiti Nanostation AC loco @toh:ubiquiti
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Ubiquiti Nanostation AC @toh:ubiquiti
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Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway Pro 4 @inbox:toh:ubiquiti
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Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Pro @toh:ubiquiti
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Ubiquiti EdgeRouter @toh:ubiquiti
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OpenWrt v21.02.0-rc1 Changelog @releases:21.02
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Ubiquiti UniFi AP PRO @toh:ubiquiti
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Ubiquiti UniFi 6 Lite @toh:ubiquiti
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Ubiquiti NanoStation 2 @toh:ubiquiti
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Common Procedures for Ubiquiti Products @toh:ubiquiti
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OpenWrt v19.07.0 Changelog @releases:19.07
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OpenWrt v19.07.0-rc1 Changelog @releases:19.07
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Ubiquiti UAP-AC-Mesh 3.7.xx.xxxx @toh:ubiquiti
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Ubiquiti PicoStation M2 @toh:ubiquiti
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OpenWrt v18.06.0 Changelog @releases:18.06
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OpenWrt v18.01.0-rc2 Changelog (WIP) @releases:18.06
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LEDE v17.01.5 Changelog @releases:17.01
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OpenWrt v18.01.0-rc1 Changelog (WIP) @releases:18.06
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LEDE v17.01.0 Changelog @releases:17.01
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LEDE v17.01.0-rc1 Changelog @releases:17.01
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