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OpenWrt 19.07.1 - First Service Release - 31 January 2020
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20 v1, TL-WR2543 v1, TL-WR741ND v4, TL-WR841N/ND, UniFi AC Mesh, UniFi AC Mesh Pro, UniFi AC Pro * Add support for more devices in ath79: TP-Lin... TL-WR841N/ND v10 and v12 * Various fixes and improvements for several devices: Ubiquiti Rocket M Titanium, Netgear WN2500RP v1, Zyxel NSA... [[|active bug reports for openwrt-19.07]] ===== Upgrad... k-start:sysupgrade.luci|sysupgrade from web interface]] or [[docs:guide-user:installation:sysupgrade.c
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