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Ubiquiti LiteAP AC @toh:ubiquiti
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====== Ubiquiti LiteAP AC ====== The [[|Ubiquiti LiteAP AC]] is a family of lightweight 802.11ac out... lled on these devices from the command line interface (CLI), via SSH. Follow Check this guide with the [[toh:ubiquiti:common|common procedures for Ubiquiti devices]]. More details for this specific type of devices (WA-type board) can be fou
Ubiquiti LiteBeam 5AC Gen2 @toh:ubiquiti
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====== Ubiquiti LiteBeam 5AC Gen2====== Ubiquiti LiteBeam 5AC Gen2 (LBE-5AC-Gen2) is a dual band outdoor PoE CPE packed inside feedhorn that attaches to small directional reflector included in the packag... mance and range are less than 5GHz wifi. {{media:ubiquiti:ubnt-lbe-5ac-gen2.jpg?200|LiteBeam 5AC Gen2}} ===== Supported Versions ===== ---- datat... er : Model=LiteBeam 5AC Gen2 ---- * LiteBeam 5AC Gen2 -> [[toh:ubiquiti:common#openwrt_installation_on_wa_and_xc_boards|C
OpenWrt v22.03.0-rc1 Changelog @releases:22.03
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'' **<nowiki>ath79:</nowiki>** <nowiki>fix label MAC address for Ubiquiti UniFi</nowiki> //<color #ccc>(</color><color #282>+2</c... '' **<nowiki>ath79:</nowiki>** <nowiki>fix label MAC address for Ubiquiti UniFi AP Outdoor+</nowiki> //<color #ccc>(</color><colo... cm27xx:</nowiki>** <nowiki>add AMP2 to HifiBerry DAC+ / DAC+ Pro package</nowiki> //<color #ccc>(</color><color #2... **<nowiki>bcm53xx:</nowiki>** <nowiki>MR32: read mac-address from eeprom</nowiki> //<color #ccc>(</color><color #282>+46<
Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC @toh:ubiquiti
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====== Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC ====== Ubiquiti has released a new series of UniFi APs supporting AC in Q4/2015 and two similar devices under the "Mesh" label in 2017. * UniFi AP AC Lite * UniFi AC Mesh (indoor/outdoor) * UniFi AP AC Pro * UniFi AC Mesh Pro (indoor/outdoor) * UniFi AP AC LR (Long Range) * Un
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