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Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC @toh:ubiquiti
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====== Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC ====== Ubiquiti has released a new series of UniFi APs supporting AC in Q4/2015 and two similar devices under the "Mesh" label in 2017. * UniFi AP AC Lite * UniFi AC Mesh * UniFi AP AC Pro * UniFi A... es for example at [[]], since the same firmware is used for UAP-AC-Lite/AC-LR/AC-Pro/AC-EDU devices. Going back to
Ubiquiti UniFi AC HD @toh:ubiquiti
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====== Ubiquiti UniFi AC HD ====== The Ubiquiti UniFi AC HD (also called UniFi HD, UAP-HD, UAP-AC-HD) is a 4×4 802.11ac Wave 2 access point with a dual-core ARM processor and 512 MB of RAM. {{:media:ubiquiti:uap-ac-hd_front.jpg?200|Ubiquiti UniFi AC HD}} ===== Supported Versions ===== ---- datata... tons, so we can use them in the above Howto. The Ubiquiti UniFi AC HD has the following buttons: ^ BUTTON ^ Event ^
Ubiquiti UniFi Outdoor Plus @toh:ubiquiti
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====== Ubiquiti UniFi Outdoor Plus ====== The UniFi Outdoor Plus is an 802.11b/g/n weatherproof outdoor access point. Exclusi... ical Data align : c,c,c,c,c,c,c filter : Model=UniFi Outdoor Plus ---- ^ Version/Model ^ Launch Date ... ign : c,c,c,c,c,c,c,c,c,c,c,c,c filter : Model=UniFi Outdoor Plus ---- ===== Installation ===== ----
Ubiquiti UAP-AC-Mesh 3.7.xx.xxxx @toh:ubiquiti
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adding_images_to_openwrt_wiki */ /*****/ {{media:ubiquiti:uap-ac-mesh-front.jpg?400|Unifi Ac Mesh}} ===== OpenWrt support ===== This is essentially the same platform as UniFi AP AC LITE. Follow the instructions on [[toh:ubiquiti:unifiac|Ubiquiti OpenWrt page]] for AP AC LITE. /*** if info available: uncomment and fill in ===== Supporting activities ===== //Describe... AMPLEs and the WRAP that encloses this text. The Ubiquiti UAP-AC-Mesh has the following buttons: ^ BUTTON
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