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Ubiquiti NanoBeam AC @toh:ubiquiti
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ng my OEM bootlog with the OEM bootlog from [[toh:ubiquiti:nanostation_ac_loco|Ubiquiti Nanostation AC loco]], realising they load the same WA 8.5.0 firmware... n if you do get inside the device, from the [[toh:ubiquiti:nanostation_ac_loco|Ubiquiti Nanostation AC loco]] info it is reported there seem to be some addit... ny custom firmware. Read the section of the [[toh:ubiquiti:nanostation_ac_loco|Ubiquiti Nanostation AC loco]] for more info if you want/need to try. Then ag... he urescue still works similar to the older [[toh:ubiquiti:nanostationm2|Ubiquiti NanoStation M2 / Loco M2]] devices. Due to the ultrasonic welding I was no
Ubiquiti NanoStation M2 / Loco M2 @toh:ubiquiti
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====== Ubiquiti NanoStation M2 / Loco M2 ====== {{section>meta:infobox:432_warning#infobox_for_dataentries&noheader&nofooter&noeditb... ... s: ==== Flashing via AirOS web gui... ubnt-nano-m-squashfs-factory.bin image:\\ {{media:ubiquiti:nanostation_loco_m2.png?600|Flashing via AirOS web gui}}\\ and flash
Ubiquiti Nanostation M5 / Loco M5 @toh:ubiquiti
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====== Ubiquiti Nanostation M5 / Loco M5====== <WRAP center round important 50%> Warning! There are two versions of NanoStation: ... ve cover for the RJ-45 port is removed. {{:media:ubiquiti:nanostation_loco_m5_serial.jpg?400|}} ===== Tags ===== [[meta:ta
Ubiquiti NanoStation 2 @toh:ubiquiti
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pening.jpg?400|}} NanoStation Loco 2:\\ {{:media:ubiquiti:nanostation2_serial.jpg?400|Nanostation Loco 2 serial}} LiteStation 2:\\ {{:media:ubiquiti:li... 000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 Red Hat, Inc. Board: Ubiquiti Ubiquiti AR2315/6/7/8 based board (Ubiquiti NanoStation2 detected) Arch: ar2316 RAM: 0x80000000-0x810... ===== Tags ===== [[meta:tags|How to add tags]] NanoStation2 and NanoStation Loco2: {{tag>ath25 4Flash 16RAM FastEthernet 1NIC 1WNI
Ubiquiti NanoStation 5 @toh:ubiquiti
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tation 5 serial}} NanoStation Loco 5:\\ {{:media:ubiquiti:nanostation_loco_5_serial.jpg?400|Nanostation Loco 5 serial}} NanoStation Loco M5:\\ {{:media:ubiquiti:nanostation_loco_m5_serial.jpg?400|Nanostation Loco M5 serial}} ===== JTAG ===== <code> pin 1 - TRST pi... erates images that can be directly flashed to the NanoStation, usually with a name like atheros-ubnt5-squashfs.bin (for the NS5 or Loco5). When flashing those images, the Ubiquiti web ... 168.1.254/ * TFTP client on PC * NanoStation firmware file from Ubiquiti (not an OpenWrt image) === Procedure === - Tur
Ubiquiti NanoBeam M2 and M5 @toh:ubiquiti
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====== Ubiquiti NanoBeam M2 and M5 ====== The [[|Ubiquiti Networks® NanoBeam®M]] d... > system type : Atheros AR9342 rev 2 machine : Ubiquiti Nanostation M XW processor : 0 cpu model : MIPS 74Kc V4.12 ... ===== Images of NBE-M5-300 Board ===== {{media:ubiquiti:powerbeam300-m5-front.jpg?600|NBE-M5-300 front}} {{media:ubiquiti:powerbeam300-m5-back.jpg?600|NBE-M5-300 back}} ==
Ubiquiti Airmax M @toh:ubiquiti
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l 60 deg antenna, high power, 2 ethernet | | NanoStation Loco M | low cost sectorial 60 deg antenna, 1 etherne... net | **Note:** For the models with 1x ethernet (nanostation loco m, picostation m hp, bullet m), use the bullet-m ... : None Flow control : None'' {{:media:ubiquiti:nanom2.jpg?600|}} ==== Other models ==== There are als... in the airmax M family, but not tested? {{:media:ubiquiti:NanoBridgeM5_top.jpg?600|NanoBridgeM5}} {{:media:
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