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Qualcomm Atheros AR7xxx, AR9xxx and QCA9xxx boards
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ead-62276-1-1.html, probably a clone of the [[toh:tp-link:tl-wr941nd|TP-Link TL-WR941ND]] because it uses the same firmware. * Unex... IEEE 802.11b/g data rates. * Pinout (from [[toh/tp-link/tl-wr703n/ar9331_pinout]]): {{:media:datasheets:ar93... re. * there is also a special [[docs:techref:bootloader:uboot#das_u-boot_modifications|U-Boot versio... {tagpage>QCA9557}}, {{tagpage>QCA9558}}, {{tagpage>QCA9561}}, {{tagpage>QCA9563}}, {{tagpage>TP9343}}
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