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Installing OpenWrt via TFTP
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* If not valid behavior varies based on bootloader. Some wait for a flash via tftp while others just show an error diag light and wait for a reboot. * See [[docs:techref:boo... Mikrotik RouterBoards ==== RouterBoards have a TFTP and DHCP clients running in their RouterBoot bootloader. See : [[:toh:mikrotik:common|Common Procedu... echref:bootloader]] implementation of the [[toh:d-link:DIR-300]] [[docs:techref:bootloader:redboot]] contains a TFTP client. Two steps: - first you [[docs:guide-use... e file - Plug-in your router while having the tftp client running and constantly probing for a connection - The tftp client wil
Upgrade from ar71xx to ath79
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es after upgrading:** [[:bugs|report the issue]] and go to section "Flashing from bootloader / TFTP / serial". ===== Step 6: import your configurati... k Archer C25 v1, C58 v1, C59 v1/v2, C60 v1/v2 * TP-Link TL-WR841N/ND v8 (not for v7 and v9 to v12) * ... ==== switch configuration change ==== * TP-Link TL-WR741N/ND v4
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