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Astoria Networks / Arcadyan ARV7519RW22-A-LT (Orange Livebox 2.1) @toh:arcadyan
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nolink}} | **WARNING:** Starting at least from 01/2015 the Livebox 2.1 features a very different hardware despite it has the same aspect.\\ The only external dif... etup serial console conection (Its posible to use Raspberry Pi and it's UART I/O port) **Attention do it with a ... **4. Replace bootloader with U-boot** - Launch picocom \\ '' picocom -b 115200 /dev/ttyUSB0'' - Power on the device - Inme... \ Flash Checking Again - fw/ui... Failed.\\ Unzipping Tiny Kernel at 0x80002000 ... failed : 4 !!\\ To access Bootloader prom
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