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ZyXEL VMG3312-B10B DSL-491HNU-B1B v2 @tr:toh:zyxel
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SL-491HNU-B1B v2 ====== ADSL2 / VDSL2 Modem yönlendirici tabanlı Broadcom BCM63168D0 yongası. VMG3312-B... 29 2016 14:14:37 GACT probability NOT on Mirror/redirect action on u32 classifier input device chec... driver TCP cubic registered Initializing XFRM netlink socket NET: Registered protocol family 10 IPv6 ov... eeing unused kernel memory: 156k freed jffs2_scan_dirent_node(): Name CRC failed on node at 0x0034e7d8:
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