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ZyXEL WAP6805 (Altibox Wifi Pluss)
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penWrt support.// * OpenWrt forum thread: (add link) ***/ /*** if info available: uncomment and fil... ware ===== //List experimental firmware download links here.// //None at this time.// * External image (add link) * trunk image (add link) * ... ***/ ===== Hardware highlights ===== ^ CPU ^ Ram
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zyxel_nbg6817-squashfs-factory.bin can be flashed directly from the stock OEM webinterface. === Obsole... .07.0, factory images allowing to install OpenWrt directly from the OEM webinterface are provided, this... e release from the "Firmware OpenWrt Upgrade URL" link above If you are upgrading with a custom-built i... .0 * Copy your firmware file into the tftp root directory and rename it to "ras.bin" (i.e. download i
ZyXEL GS1900-10HP
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42.383751] RESETTING 8380, CPU_PORT 28 [ 42.986157] rtl838x-eth bb00a300.ethernet eth0: configuring for fixed/internal link mode [ 42.995196] In rtl838x_mac_config, mode 1... _mac_config, mode 1 [ 43.006631] In rtl838x_mac_link_up [ 43.010563] rtl838x-eth bb00a300.ethernet eth0: Link is Up - 1Gbps/Full - flow control off [ 43.064409] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): eth0: link becomes ready [ 44.863822] device eth0 entered
ZyXEL NBG-419N v2
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anged INFO02C7: use dev Name br0 : fail rmmod: ralink_wdt: No such file or directory rmmod: cls: No such file or directory rmmod: hw_nat: No such file or directory rmmod: raeth: No such file or directory insmod: bridge.ko: module not found insmod: mii.ko: modu
ZyXEL NBG6515 AC750
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eeprom-for-wifi/55787]] * WLAN works with the RaLink driver: rt2x00 in conjunction with data from the ... he bootloader offers an alternative option "2" to directly flash an image to the internal flash memory;... e sure that overlayfs is functional, create a new directory by ''mkdir /root/testdir'', then ''reboot'' and verify that the directory you created is still t
ZyXEL VMG3312-B10B DSL-491HNU-B1B v2
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29 2016 14:14:37 GACT probability NOT on Mirror/redirect action on u32 classifier input device chec... driver TCP cubic registered Initializing XFRM netlink socket NET: Registered protocol family 10 IPv6 ov... eeing unused kernel memory: 156k freed jffs2_scan_dirent_node(): Name CRC failed on node at 0x0034e7d8:... cp: can't stat '/etc/ppp/chat/*': No such file or directory mkdir: can't create directory '/var/etc': F
ZyXEL P8702N
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* * of the firmware for this device. Provide links to firmware images, * * active t... >> Standard size for photos: add ?400 to the medialink */ /* When uploadi... conds) *** Auto run second count down: 1 Port 4 link UP 10 Wait for Multiboot Service Packet... ... dInit:1100 GPIO->LEDCtrl:7cc100 LED->ledLinkActSelLow:210000 LED->ledLinkActSelHigh:0
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