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D-Link DWR-922
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====== D-Link DWR-922 ====== DWR-922 is a wireless router with QMI LTE embedded modem. It is pretty much identical to the [[toh:d-link:dwr-921|D-Link DWR 921 C1/C3]]. The DWR-922 only appears to differ from the DWR-921 in that there is an... interface appears to also be used in the [[toh:d-link:d-link_dwr-512_b|D-Link DWR-512]]. The E2 hardwa
D-Link DWR-921
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====== D-Link DWR-921 ====== For version B1 see [[toh:d-link:d-link_dwr-921_b1|D-Link DWR-921 B1]] {{ :media:dlink:dwr-921:dlink_drw921c1_side.jpg?200|D-Link DWR-921 rev.
D-Link DWR-118
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====== D-Link DWR-118 ====== /* This template is intended to be used via dding_images_to_openwrt_wiki */ /*****/ {{media:dlink:dwr_118_a1_image_l_front.png?200|D-Link DWR-118 A1}}{{media:dlink:dwr_118_a2_image_l_front.png?200|D-Link DWR-118 A2}} ===== Supported Versio
D-Link DIR-842
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====== D-Link DIR-842 ====== /* This template is intended to be used via 0 wireless router with 5 gigabit ports. {{media:dlink:dir842_case_front.jpg?0x200|}} {{media:dlink:dir842_case_rear.jpg?0x200|}} <WRAP BOX> FIXME Any text with a l... ll be needed (See [[]]) and be sure to act
D-Link DIR-510L
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====== D-Link DIR-510L ====== //The DIR-510L Travel Router is based on the MT7620A SoC. It has two wireless... internal 4000mAH Li-Ion battery pack.// {{media:dlink:dir-510l_case.jpg?nolink&200 |D-Link DIR510L}} ===== Supported Versions ===== ---- datat... ==== Flash Layout ===== OEM Flash layout: ^ D-Link DIR-510L Flash Layout stock firmware ^^^^^... one | OpenWrt Flash layout: ^ D-Link DIR-510L OpenWrt Flash Layout ^^^^^^^ ^ Lay
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