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Actiontec MI424WR REV. I
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| | If you have no time to write certain stuff, link to [[docs:start]] | | [[docs:guide-quick-start:c... this issue rm /bin/sh ln -s /bin/bash /bin/sh mkdir /usr/local/openrg cd /usr/local/openrg/ wget http... * * of the firmware for this device. Provide links to firmware images, * * active t... to use and configure the hardware button(s). The Linksys WRT54GL has two buttons. They are Reset and Se
Actiontec GT704WG
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00 | 0x903e0000 | squashfs filesystem | | mtd4 | 0x903e0000 | 0x903f0000 | unused (?)... rt on JP603 add 100Ohm 0603 resistor to R614 and R615 locations. ==== Adding Level Shifting to the Ser... X3232 voltage level converter. This will allow to directly connect a standard RS-232 to the router. Aft... 603 will no longer work as the serial output is redirected to JP2 with the following pinout: <code> pin
Actiontec MI424WR
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00 | 0x007e0000 | rootfs_data | | mtd4 | 0x007e0000 | 0x007ff000 | FIS directory | | mtd5 | 0x007ff000 | 0x... rb-mi424wr-RAM.img | rb-mi424wr-RAM.img]]'' (MD5: d4028cbb26ad6ad6a3905f0a161f8299). - load -h <ipad... |mi424wr.epk]] (MD5: 5415782b69c41c6562289dbb35235615) adds support for the MI424-WR. The procedure for... ./ecosadmin.tcl add mi424wr.epk'' - ''cd <build_dir>; ecosconfig new mi424wr_npe redboot'' - ''ecos
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