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NETGEAR R6260 @toh:netgear
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od: can't read '/lib/modules/': No such file or directory [SYSTEM]/sbin/insmod /lib/modules/ y_free_head is 0x218000!!!ules/2.6.36/kernel/fs/jbd2/jbd2.ko': No such file or directory [SYSTEM]/sbin/insmod /lib/modules/2.6.36/ke... n/wifi.c::prepare_default_eeprom_bin_file():2176] link /etc_ro/wlan/MT7615_EEPROM.bin to 3x3 streams default eeprom. [SYSTEM... k_wifi_mac():1634] no update! [libscm_wl.c::set_ralink_wifi_mac():1630] CHIP: 7615 - current MAC: 8C:3B:AD:39:D1:5A [libscm_wl.c::se
TP-Link Archer C5 v4 @toh:tp-link
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====== TP-Link Archer C5 v4 ====== This page was created specifically for the Archer C5 v4 which uses a... Brazil. //Front - Back - Version//\\ {{:media:tplink:archerc5:c5_v4_front.jpg?200|}} {{media:tplink:archerc5:c5_v4_back.jpg?200|}} {{media:tplink:archerc5:c5_v4_hwversion.jpg?250|}} ===== Supported Ver
Xiaomi Mi WiFi R3G (Mi Wifi Router 3G / MIR3G / MI3G / R4A Gigabit) @toh:xiaomi
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ownload the ''miwifi_ssh.bin'' file. If loading/redirection problems still persist, copy the download link (button on the right of the popup dialog) and vis... OpenWrt download site]] to a USB drive or wget it directly via SSH to a location (''/tmp'' for example)... folder on the router like ''/tmp'' if downloaded directly on the router - Run: <code>mtd write openw... should now boot to OpenWrt Stock firmware allows direct access to root shell (no password). To enable,
Actiontec MI424WR REV. I @toh:actiontec
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| | If you have no time to write certain stuff, link to [[docs:start]] | | [[docs:guide-quick-start:c... this issue rm /bin/sh ln -s /bin/bash /bin/sh mkdir /usr/local/openrg cd /usr/local/openrg/ wget http... * * of the firmware for this device. Provide links to firmware images, * * active t... to use and configure the hardware button(s). The Linksys WRT54GL has two buttons. They are Reset and Se
Xiaomi Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition @inbox:toh:xiaomi
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903] device wlan1 entered promiscuous mode [ 22.615386] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): wlan0: link is not ready [ 22.628715] br-lan: port 3(wlan0)... 23.561952] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): wlan1: link becomes ready [ 23.568718] br-lan: port 2(wlan1... 24.581174] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): wlan0: link becomes ready [ 24.587874] br-lan: port 3(wlan0... rum/index.php?showtopic=988197&st=0#entry95240419|Link to forum]] As the forum can be di
Linksys WRT3200ACM @toh:linksys
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====== Linksys WRT3200ACM ====== /* This template is intended to be used via vice_page */ The WRT3200ACM is part of the [[toh:linksys:wrt_ac_series]], with 4 detachable antennas, a... adding_images_to_openwrt_wiki */ /*****/ {{media:linksys:wrt3200acm:wrt3200acm.png?200|WRT3200ACM}} ... echnical Data align : c,l,c,c,c filter : Brand=Linksys filter : Model=WRT3200ACM filter : Versions*
FriendlyARM NanoPi R4S @toh:friendlyarm
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s * If you have no time to write certain stuff, link to [[docs:start]] * [[docs:guide-user:base-syst... * * of the firmware for this device. Provide links to firmware images, * * active t... >> Standard size for photos: add ?400 to the medialink */ /* When uploadi... 00000] percpu: Embedded 21 pages/cpu s47832 r8192 d29992 u86016 [ 0.000000] pcpu-alloc: s47832 r819
Actiontec MI424WR @toh:actiontec
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00 | 0x00160000 | linux | | mtd2 | 0x00160000 | 0x007e0000 | rootfs ... | mtd4 | 0x007e0000 | 0x007ff000 | FIS directory | | mtd5 | 0x007ff000 | 0x... |mi424wr.epk]] (MD5: 5415782b69c41c6562289dbb35235615) adds support for the MI424-WR. The procedure for... ./ecosadmin.tcl add mi424wr.epk'' - ''cd <build_dir>; ecosconfig new mi424wr_npe redboot'' - ''ecos
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