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Astoria Networks / Arcadyan ARV7519RW22-A-LT (Orange Livebox 2.1)
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{{:meta:icons:tango:48px-dialog-warning.svg.png?nolink}} | **WARNING:** Do not confuse the Livebox 2.1 w... {{:meta:icons:tango:48px-dialog-warning.svg.png?nolink}} | **WARNING:** Starting at least from 01/2015 t... Please check the installation procedure below and review steps. **1. Prerequisites** - USB to UART a... > ROM VER: 1.1.4 CFG 01 U-Boot 2013.10-openwrt5-dirty (Jan 07 2014 - 10:29:58) arv7519rw Board: Lant
Arcadyan VGV7510KW22 (o2 Box 6431)
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the full 16MB NOR flash (I tried flashing gluon directly, but it showed that the device arcadyan_vgv7... nboot web interface (without rs232)]] This Forum link helped me understand the [[https://forum.openwrt.... ucts/connectivity/wifi/home-network/pci/rt3062/|Ralink/Mediatek RT3062F]], 802.11b/g/n 300MBit/s | ^ Pho... t /proc/cpuinfo system type : xRX200 rev 1.2 machine : o2 Box 6431 process
Arcadyan ARV7506PW11 (Alice IAD 4421 / o2 Box 4421)
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your PPPoE/VoIP data, you need to dump the config directly from the flash as described [[http://hph.nam... p the flash as described in step 2. ===== Serial link ===== Hooking up to the serial with 115200/8N1 en... hone on Selected Channel for FXS SLIC only || PCM Link on Selected Channel to FXO for FXS only || PCM Link off Selected Channel to FXO for FXS only || DAA off
Arcadyan ARV752DPW
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rocess again**<code> **Example output:** b245fc54da24db7a81bb915e968453f8 ARV752DPW_whole2.dump b245fc54da24db7a81bb915e968453f8 ARV752DPW_whole.dump </code... boot images. All downloads ([[arv752dpw#downloads|LINK]]). * Temporary u-boot bootloader ([[arv752dpw#temporary_u-boot|LINK]]) - required image: [[
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