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Vodafone Power Station / Vox30 @toh:vodafone
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penWrt support.// * OpenWrt forum thread: (add link) ***/ /*** if info available: uncomment and fil... ware ===== //List experimental firmware download links here.// //None at this time.// * External image (add link) * trunk image (add link) * ... ***/ ===== Hardware highlights ===== ^ Vendor ^ Model ^ SoC ^ CPU
Ubiquiti Nanostation AC @toh:ubiquiti
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dia:ubiquiti:nanostation_ac_big:ns-ac-front.png?nolink&0x200|}} ===== Supported Versions ===== ---- dat... fwupdate.real binary (which is in fact just a symlink to ubntbox) must be patched: <code bash> hexdump... of opening your device and have a USB to serial adapter at hand you can always follow the instructions... >> Standard size for photos: add ?400 to the medialink */ /* When uploadi
GL.iNet GL-B1300 @toh:gl.inet
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wn on the picture with the serial cable connected reverse Rx & Tx because they're labelled from the USB TTL adapter point of view. ^ Serial connection parameter... 9 - SEC Image Loaded, Delta - (2048 Bytes) B - 1133068 - Image Load, Start D - 213533 - APPSBL Imag... Hash value: 66143402 Hash algo: sha1 Hash value: 2c0803af27be193107cf3bdd9587bd... abaf27c5 Verifying Hash Integrity ... crc32+ sha1+ OK ## Flattened Device Tree from FIT Image at 84
Linksys EA6350 v3 @toh:linksys
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with OpenWrt firmwares, and you won't be able to revert back to Linksys OEM firmware using above method. ==== Recover... ilable in the community, as descrived below. === Reverting to Linksys firmware using custom 'BackToStock' script ===... r The USB adapter is wired as follows: {{media:linksys:ea6350_serial_adapter.jpg?600}} **Comment:** I don't believe it is necessary to connect the +3.3v from most USB adapters to the router. And the headers on the router
D-Link DIR-510L @toh:d-link
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====== D-Link DIR-510L ====== //The DIR-510L Travel Router is based on the MT7620A SoC. It has two wire... internal 4000mAH Li-Ion battery pack.// {{media:dlink:dir-510l_case.jpg?nolink&200 |D-Link DIR510L}} ===== Supported Versions ===== ---- datatable ---- cols : Brand, Model, Vers
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