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Allwinner Sun4i/5i/6i/7i/9i (sunxi) @docs:techref:hardware:soc
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[[wp>UEXT]] ^ Other ^ linux-sunxi page ^ | [[toh/lemaker/bananapi|BananaPi]] | A20 | 1024MiB | μSD | Gigabit Ethernet | 2x U... IR, RCA video out, CSI | [[|Page]] | | [[toh:sinovoip:sinovoip_banana_pi_m2_plus|BananaPi M2 Plus]] | H3 | 1024MiB | μSD, 8GB eMMC | Gigabit Ethernet, Am... x USB2, 1x USB OTG | yes | n/a | n/a | HDMI, IR, GPIO, CSI | [[|Page]] | | [[toh/lemaker/bananapro|Banan
FreeRADIUS @docs:guide-user:network:wifi
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escribed configuration was tested on [[toh:hwdata:lemaker:lemaker_bananapi|Banana Pi M1]] as a FreeRADIUS server and [[toh:hwdata:zyxe... d-eap-ttls freeradius3-mod-exec freeradius3-mod-expiration freeradius3-mod-expr freeradius3-mod-files ... o the network for the user/device (Supplicant). Typically the Authenticator is a part of wireless acce... s, for example, Fedora. Alternatively, you can compile it from the wpa_supplicant sources using the fo
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